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Bare & Boho

Bare and Boho Nappies are an amazing brand of quality nappies from Australia that everyone is talking about. Bare and Boho are beautiful reliable nappies made of absorbent and thirsty fabric of hemp or bamboo.

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Bare & Boho Nappies

Bare and Boho are made in Australia and are a brand that made a big impact when they joined the UK. They are a designer cloth nappy system.

All In Two Nappies

Bare and Boho make a range of reusable nappies that are slim but also absorbent. The All in two reusable cloth nappy system is their best selling nappy available.

The all in two is made up of separate inner absorbency components in bamboo or hemp both are absorbent and thirsty choices plus an outer shell. The inserts give you double-layered side gusseting around the thigh contour for have a gusset to give you maximum anti leak protection.

Nappy Components

Outer waterproof cover and inner pads.

Hemp or Bamboo Inserts

Natural fibre Hemp is a thirsty fabric and the more absorbent option of the two. Hemp-Organic Cotton Blend Hemp is the more sustainably and organically grown fibre and creates a more natural and unprocessed fabric. It is also a durable fabric.

Being without a synthetic blend, hemp has the tendency to dry stiff, and can be very textured. But once against the body, softens with baby's body warmth.

Bamboo absorbent fabric insert option is also the softest material. The Bamboo cotton based Stay-dry Insert is slightly more affordable which can impact on decision making, and although stems from a natural source being the bamboo plant, it does undergo extensive processing to convert to a fibre.

Outer Nappy Shell / Nappy Outer

The Bare Boho outer waterproof shell is soft and available in gorgeous eco themed prints. The shell fastens with a double row of poppers situated at front-waist of the nappy shell, to fit the tummy. Overlapping closure feature available for when baby is at the bottom of the weight range.

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