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Little Lovebum Snap & Wrap Newborn
Little Lovebum Snap & Wrap Newborn
Little Lovebum Snap & Wrap Newborn
Little Lovebum Snap & Wrap Newborn

Little Lovebum Snap & Wrap Newborn

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Product Details

Wrap Overview

The Little Lovebum Snap & Wrap Newborn is a versatile, simple yet economical nappy system.  The one wrap can be used in two ways either as an all in two or as a cover for a flat nappy system, more details on this in "To Use With" below.

Easy to wash and dry. Just wipe clean and reuse before adding to the wash. We recommend that each wrap can be used for up to 3 insert changes, unless soiled.

It is made with Little Lovebums super-soft and stretchy PUL which is lovely against newborns delicate skin.


Fits approximately 7-15lbs/3-7kgs



Popper fastening.  The wrap has my favourite waist popper position with vertical poppers. This gives you a secure fit which prevents wing droop while baby is at the lower end of the weight range. 

The Snap & Wrap Newborn Cover also offers rise poppers to adjust the length of the cover.

How to use it?

To make the system an all in two system popper in the Little Lovebum Newborn Trifold insert. To use as just a cover you can use any flat nappy inserts inside.  If you already have some old prefolds or pocket nappy inserts you can use these inside instead just laid in flat allowing you to give new life to old or redundant inserts.

To use with

The Little Lovebum Snap & Wrap cover is designed to be used with the Little Lovebum Trifold inserts (hemp or bamboo/hemp) or with any flat nappy just laid inside.


Little Lovebum
Little Lovebum
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