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Environmenstrual Week 2022

Environmenstrual Week 17-21st October2022


This year for Environmentrual week the focus is on 4 key areas.
1. Period Shame
2. Period Poverty
3. Reproductive Health
4. Continence Issues

Why do we need Environmenstrual week?
Still, in todays day and age women and teens face so much stigma and shame around their periods. While so much is being done to promote body positivity and normalising periods most girls feel embarrassed by their periods. WEN have a fascinating statistic that 48% of teens feel embarrassed by their period. Many miss school or stop doing sports because of it.

All this shame and secrecy has pushed many people to use highly scented discrete products that can have a huge impact on our bodies and our health. Many of our customers have wanted to move to reusable period products because they find disposable pads or tampons irritating and uncomfortable during their periods.

Twice as many women as men suffer from incontinence issues. It is affected by pregnancy, child birth, age and menopause. For many it has been accepted as a part of normal life. At The Nappy Lady & our sister site The Period Lady we sell some products that help strengthen the pelvic floor as well as products to help you manage in the mean time. If you struggle with daily incontinence then you should speak to your GP.

As the cost of living increases period poverty increases. With the average period costing you around £10-15 this quickly adds up on your grocery shopping. We have teamed up with WUKA to gift one of you a full set of reusable period pants. We are giving away 5 pairs of WUKA Basics Medium Flow to 1 lucky person. Pop your email address in at the end of this post to be in with a chance to win!!

Join us over on our sister sites social media channels @theperiodladyuk for lots more information on Environmenstrual Week where we are running some quizzes and sharing loads more facts.