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Further Reassurance

Further Reassurance

Some people may think you are mad to want to use cloth nappies! They will tell you how hard it is, and how disposable nappies aren’t so environmentally bad anyway. First of all, let me suggest you ignore comments about what cloth nappies are like from anyone who has not used them. Would you ask a plumber for advice on how to complete your tax return? Well, not if you wanted a reliable answer.

Bear in mind that both cloth nappies and washing machines have moved on a long way since our mums used them, so even older terry users may not present an up to date picture (although I usually find them very positive about nappies, if not about the old-fashioned plastic pants). You need to talk to current cloth nappy users – preferably those who do NOT sell nappies, so you can be sure you are getting an honest picture.

Secondly, I suggest you inform yourself about the issues by reading the articles in the cloth v disposables section, and particularly about how these are deliberately clouded by those who have a vested interest. I have tried to collect as much verified information about the various issues as I can, and have quoted sources wherever possible.

At all stages, ask yourself the key questions: does this person have experience of what they are telling me and do they have a vested interest? Whatever you hear or read needs to be judged in the light of the answers to those questions. Of course, you are reading all this on a site which is trying to persuade you to use cloth nappies!

I know that I want you to use them because I believe they are better for your baby, for your finances, and for our planet, but my motivation may be financial, for all you know. For this very reason, I urge you to find out for yourself. Don’t just take my word for it, or – far worse - discount what I have to say just because you think I am biased.