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How To Fit A Motherease Airflow Nappy Wrap

How To Fit A Motherease Airflow Nappy Wrap

The Motherease Airflow wrap is the best selling bomb proof reusable nappy wrap in the UK and has been for over 30 years. Other brands have tried to copy these great wraps but these imitations are not a patch on the original fabulously waterproof wrap.

However the Mother ease Air flow wrap is also a cover that I frequently seen fitted incorrectly. This isn't because it's a hard to use nappy wrap but quite simply it fits differently to all others on the market.

In this article I'll explain why I love it so much and to make sure you have your fit spot on.

Firstly why is the Motherease Airflow Wrap so good?

  • Breathable

It is a highly breathable wrap (hence the name airflow) made of polyurethane laminate waterproof fabric. The air ventilation system is created by the wrap front and back crossing over at each side via the adjustable snaps (poppers). The poppers create a generous flap either side that moves and allows air to flow in and out of the wrap as baby moves. This helps to keep the temperature inside cool and prevent nappy rash.

Many people worry that air flows may leak due to the air flow gaps, but mother-ease covers have magic.

  • Secure Fastening

The Motherease Airflow wrap features adjustable snaps at both the waist and legs for a secure tamper proof fit. Poppers are the perfect fastening choice as inquisitive toddlers are unable to open them. Gaps between the snap closures increases air flow, which help regulate the temperature inside the diaper!

  • No Gusset?

You often hear people say a nappy wrap needs a gusset or double gusset for the best containment.

Nope this is not true!

In fact the Mother-ease airflow does not have any gusset! The lack of gusset means the leg holes are larger which once again aides airflow. The Motherease magic means no gusset but no leaks!

  • Wick Resistant Binding

The binding is anti wicking (means it doesn't pick up moisture from the nappy underneath.

  • Deep and Wide

The Motherease Airflow wrap is a deep and wide wrap which quite simply gives excellent coverage . Being a wide wrap this creates a buffer zone or flood plain of waterproof material that sits between the edge of the nappy and the edge of the wrap. The buffer zone stops the nappy binding or any clothing picking up any dampness.

The generous cut also makes the Airflow the perfect wrap for boosted or night time nappies. You can normally add up to three boosters into a nappy with an Airflow cover without compromising the fit.

To use with

Airflow wraps are incredibly universal because of their generous cut. They may be used with almost any modern shaped nappy (or fitted diapers for our overseas friends.) The Motherease Airflow wrap does not fit over pad folded nappies because it doesn’t have a gusset to hold them in place.

They are designed with a roomy fit, though they do compress down under clothes nicely.

The Motherease airflow is ideal for a night time wrap due to the generous cut allows plenty of room for boosters.


The Motherease Air flow wrap comes in six sizes however most families only use two to three sizes to cover birth to potty.

  • XS - 4-10lbs For the tiniest of babies and the early newborn days

  • Sml - 7-12lbs Standard newborn size.

  • Med 10-20lbs Used from roughly 6 weeks to 9 months. You will start at this size if you intend to use one size reusable nappies and not cloth straight from birth.

  • Large 20-35lbs 9 months to 2.5 years The size your baby will be in the longest. For many children this will be the biggest size they need.

  • XL 35lbs-45lbs 18 months+ One for the chunky monkeys like my eldest Son who had the most gorgeous chubby thighs and needed some extra room. Officially fits from 35lbs however I used them on him and other babies from 25lbs if all their weight is held on their legs.

  • XXL 45lbs+ Motherease created this size at The Nappy Lady's request. For the super chunky monkeys and older children still requiring nappies.

How To Fit A Motherease Air Flow Wrap


Where most people go wrong is that they fit the Airflow snug to the leg. The Airflow should be next to baby's leg but not touching or fitted. In theory it is almost impossible for the Airflow to be too loose on the legs but it can be too tight. You want the legs loose as again it allows for maximum air circulation but also ease of movement. New users often think the lose fit means they will leak but the Motherease magic means they don't. They are the ultimate leak proof wrap.

Red Marks

If you are getting red marks at the legs from your Airflow wrap you have them on too tight or consider going up a size. Because of the loose fit you should not get sock marks or pressure indentations at baby's legs.

Loosen the leg poppers until you the Motherease wraps are loose. You should be able to run a little finger around the leg hole.


Do not fit or push the Airflow wrap into the "knicker line." The Airflow should be positioned down on the thighs. For newborns and young babies this does mean they look a little like bloomers. Think of this as explosion zone containment.


The waist should be fitted and not loose like the legs. If you have the waist too loose it can be pulled down by trousers. I describe the waist as like your own underwear, fitted so it doesn't fall down but not tight that it's cutting in. The waist elastic should be over positioned above the nappy flat on baby's tummy skin and not sitting on physically on top of the nappy underneath.


Don't forget to go up a size at the right weight, don't stay in a smaller size longer than it's designed for. The Airflow should always look puffy, if it no longer looks puffy check baby's weight and compare to the Airflow sizing. The Airflow may fit a baby above the official weight range but that generally means it's not "fitting" as it is designed too and you're getting less of that lovely airflow.

An Airflow that is too small is more likely to leak than an airflow that is too big!

Chunky Thighs

Chunky thighs. If your baby has those gorgeous chunky baby thighs you may have to go up sizing early. If your baby is in the right size wrap for their weight but the legs are still snug then consider going up a size to give their legs more room. As baby grows and their legs stretch and slim you often find you go back down into the smaller size for a period. I did this with our eldest. His legs outgrew the medium Airflows while he was under the weight range, but once he started crawling I moved him out of the large he'd been in for a few months back down to medium.

Covering Boosters

The Airflows are fabulous as night time nappy wraps and personally I think they are the best wrap to use at nights. Due to the roomy fit they cover boosted nappies beautifully.

There is a limit however especially if you have a very large night time nappy such as the Baby Beehinds night nappy or use lots of big boosters. In these cases while baby might be within the official weight limit of the wrap the boosters can push the nappy too big for the wrap.

Remember it should look puffy. If in doubt go up a size. An airflow is MORE likely to leak if it's too small or tight than too big.

Printable Guide

Fitting an airflow wrap doesn't need to be difficult, especially with our easy to follow, printable guide below.

Care of Mother-Ease Wraps

It's important to take care of the Mother ease wrap binding as the binding is one of the reasons why they are such reliable wraps (or diaper covers).

When washing your Motherease air flow wraps I always placed them in a mesh washing bag separate from anything that could catch on the binding like Velcro to keep them in excellent and reliable condition. Please visit the washing page for detailed information on the specific washing detergent requirements.