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Little Lamb Reusable Nappies

Esme and Nick Pfaff founded LittleLamb to ensure cloth nappies stay easy to use, convenient and affordable.

Before Esme met her husband, she was a single mum, way back in 1990. As a single parent with not much money, nappies were a weekly cost she could not afford. To help save money, Esme’s mum bought her a pack of 24 flat terry flats, three plastic wrap pants and some safety pins. Using cloth nappies meant Esme never ran out of nappies and had very little waste; she never looked back.

LittleLamb started as a direct to customer brand in 2004 through online sales only; their first website even had a ‘how to shop online’ tab! Like many brand founders, Esme and Nick started LittleLamb to solve a problem they saw in the cloth nappy industry back then, that over time the products had become greenwashed and expensive. After putting six children through nappies, they knew they wanted to make a cloth nappy brand that was high quality but affordable.

Esme developed the first LittleLamb nappies and tested them on her three youngest children, so she knows they work well. Since then, Esme and the LittleLamb team have tweaked their products closely with user feedback and collaboration.

Customer feedback and a close customer support relationship is the driving force behind LittleLamb.

Things were not always smooth sailing! The first batch of nappies they bought, using their life savings, had a default in the thread, so Nick and Esme, with the help of Esme’s mum and dad, had to unpick and resew 20,000 individual nappies. Today, LittleLamb nappies are made in Turkey in a family-owned factory that takes pride in ethical practices and high-quality finishing.

Once the brand launched, it took off and grew exponentially through a base of passionate fans hosting cloth nappy talks and events. Long-lasting relationships and a no-nonsense approach are the magic dust that has enabled LittleLamb to flourish over the last decade, making LittleLamb one of the most popular and reliable cloth nappy brands in the UK today.

Since 2007, Esme and Nick have lived in New Zealand with their six kids, where they remotely work on LittleLamb’s product development and marketing. LittleLamb’s UK distribution centre in Wales is managed by the fantastic Vicky, her sister Shell, and the excellent team they’ve built over the years.

LittleLamb has a firm commitment to sustainability, affordability and giving back. All their products are made ethically in Turkey and shipped to the UK via land to save emissions. They use sustainable fabrics such as recycled polyester, bamboo viscose and hemp/cotton blends. And, LittleLamb is proudly 99% plastic-free in their packaging!

LittleLamb is a company for good. Recently they have started doing one-off limited edition nappy prints that donate to specific charities. So far they have donated to Woodland Trust and Make-a-wish Foundation UK, with more in the pipeline.

Below are a selection of Little Lamb's best selling products:
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