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Wool Nappy Covers - Frequently Asked Questions

Wool Nappy Covers - Frequently Asked Questions

Wool wraps are becoming increasingly popular as a plastic free, comfortable, reliable and breathable option.

We've listed our most frequently asked questions about wool here. But if there is anything we haven't covered then just email our advice team on and our wool specialists will be more than happy to help you.

I am most concerned about the comfort of my baby. Are wool wraps itchy? 

Wool covers are not made from traditional wool like the jumpers our grandparents used to knit us! Most of our wool covers are made from 100% merino wool which is spun to be ultra-fine. This makes the wool a very different texture to traditional wool. Merino wool provides a very soft and comfortable wool cover to go over your cloth nappies without causing any itchiness to your baby.

In addition to this, when you consider the stretchy nature of the merino wool combined with the absence of leg elastics, this offers a very comfortable wrap for your baby.

baby in a wool nappy cover

My baby wears pyjamas at night. Can my baby wear clothes on top of wool?

Yes! We know that parents purchase lovely clothes for their babies and there is no reason you cannot continue with your baby's normal clothes: just make sure they are looser fitting to allow the wrap air to work effectively. For sleeping bags, it is also best to ensure they are roomy and if it is smaller fitting you can leave the zip open slightly to allow evaporation.

Wool covers also make lovely bottoms for home days all on their own! You can also get wool leggings or sometimes called wool longies by Disana, which can act as a nappy wrap and trousers all in one!

baby asleep in a wool nappy cover

My home is very hot in the summer months. Will my baby get too hot in wool?

Merino wool is naturally temperature regulating and very breathable! If you hold a wool cover up to the light, you can see the air pockets between the spun fibres; this demonstrates the air flow capacity.

In hot weather, the wool wicks moisture away and evaporates it, helping your baby to feel cool. In colder weather, it traps the air next to the skin helping it retain warmth. The breathable nature of the wool cover make it a surprisingly great choice for all seasons and climates.

I have read that wool wraps are washed less frequently. Do they smell?

No, wool is naturally anti-bacterial which is great for keeping smells at bay. The lanolin we add to our wool wraps in the lanolising process actually turns into a soap when moist and this helps it self-clean.

A few weeks after lanolising if your wool wrap does start to have a slight smell, you just wash with wool detergent and re-lanolise and this gives your wool wrap access to the lanolin it needs to create the soap again.

photo of disana shampoo and lanolin bottles

My lanolin has clumped up causing yellow floating bits in my water. What should I do?

Don’t panic, this is a very common question we receive at The Nappy Lady!

If the lanolin bath you have prepared has yellow lanolin floating, this simply means that it has not emulsified enough and therefore the lanolin will not coat your wrap.

You can correct this by adding a few more drops of wool shampoo or soap and this should make your solution milky in appearance.

If you still have lanolin clumps present after drying, these will quickly work into the fabric once worn. It is important to remember that lanolin loves wool, wool loves lanolin: if you make a mistake when lanolising it is easily corrected and so nothing to be feared!

wool nappy wrap soaking in lanolin

I have just lanolised my wool wrap and now it feels sticky. Does it need to be re-washed?

If your wool cover feels tacky after lanolising, this means you have used too much lanolin.

This is absolutely fine, there is no need to wash your wool cover again, just use slightly less next time. We recommend a pea sized amount of solid lanolin. The excess lanolin will quickly work into your wool wrap once your baby starts to wear it with the added benefit of aiding soft skin!

I am worried about felting my wool wrap. What should I do to avoid this?

Please be reassured that felting is easily avoided once you learn how to care for your wool wrap. It only occurs in a very particular set of circumstances such as submerging in hot temperatures or handling it roughly creating too much agitation when wet.

These are easily avoided by following The Nappy Lady wool care instructions and handling your wool wrap gently when washing and lanolising.

Felted wool nappy wraps can still be used effectively as long as they fit, the fibres are just bound more tightly which actually makes them more water resistant. Wool wraps have a very long lifespan if cared for correctly and this makes them very appealing!

I have read The Nappy Lady’s wool care guides but I still have questions. Can I receive further advice?

Yes, absolutely! Here at The Nappy Lady we have experienced wool advisors that can offer additional guidance on all aspects of wool care including wool nappy wraps sizing, washing and lanolising.