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Poppets Pump Empty Bottle

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Poppets Pump Bottle Overview

This empty Poppets Baby Pump Bottle is perfect to take your Poppets cloth wipe solution out and about so you can wet and wipe as you go.

Spray bottle to give you a small amount of your wipes solution onto your cloth wipes or baby's skin.


It holds 125mls

How do I use it?

  • Fill with your favourite Poppers Cloth Wipes Soultion
  • Spray onto your wipes or baby at nappy change
  • To clean simply rinse the Poppets Pump bottle with warm water between use.

Visit our comprehensive beginners guide on using reusable wipes for more information.


Aluminium bottle holds 125ml of liquid.

Comes empty for you to fill with our Poppets Solution

Poppets Baby Brand

Poppets Baby are famous for their Poppets cloth wipe solution which makes reusable baby wipes soft, smelling divine and glide on baby's skin. Try the rest of the Poppets Baby range.


Holds 125ml
Made In
Care & Warranty

Poppets Baby Care Guide

Shake any solids into the toilet after each change. Store in a dry pail. Wash at 40 or 60 degrees.

No bleach or softener.

Air dry away from direct heat.

Inserts can be tumble dried on low.


Poppets Baby offer a 12 months manufacturing warranty against defects on their cloth nappies, so long as they have been subject to reasonable use. The warranty extends to all aspects of the nappy, such as fastenings, elastics and PUL.

Please ensure you carry out the individual care and washing instructions, failure to do so will result in the warranties becoming void. 

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