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All our demos are run by our expert Nappy Lady Advisors who have many years of nappy advising experience.

We offer three types of virtual demos:

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Did you know we offer Reusable Nappy Hire Kits?

The Nappy Lady Is The UK's Leading Reusable Nappy Expert

Reusable nappies are also known as cloth nappies, washable nappies, modern cloth nappies, real nappies, cotton nappies, cloth diapers, cotton terry squares, terry nappies, terry squares but in the end they all mean the same thing - reusable nappies are soft fabric nappies that are washed and reused and not thrown away as disposable nappies are. The world of reusable nappies are completely different to what older generations remember and thankfully no more plastic pants, reusable nappies are onto the next generation now, get started today with convenient reusable nappies.

We are the reusable nappy specialists!  We've been offering free comprehensive nappy advice and selling reusable nappies since 1999. We sell many different brands of washable nappies and have the best range in the UK, no need to look for other brands or choices for your stash. If you are interested in washable nappies we are the place to go, whatever your needs or situation we have found and can provide the nappy solution.

We sell an extensive range of reusable nappies and have a cloth nappy that works for every baby from cute newborn babies to very heavy wetters with little effort. We have reusable nappies for everyone. Parents often worry that their baby will get nappy rash due to cloth nappies but modern reusable nappies are free from nasties, super absorbent to keep your baby's skin free from nappy rash.

Did you know that a disposable nappy takes more than 500 years to biodegrade. This means if Henry VIII had been wearing disposable nappies we could dig them up and examine them today! Should they really be called disposables.... more like be around forever!

Even if you don't use reusable nappies full time every single eco friendly cloth nappy you use is saving a disposable nappy from landfill, reducing your family's carbon footprint and saving the earth's resources. Leaving a healthier planet for your baby. It doesn't matter if you're on your first child or your fifth child every reusable nappy used saves waste and the environment. Reusing reusable nappies is better than refuse! Not all nappies are rubbish! In landfills, they languish for over 500 years, emitting harmful methane. Embrace modern reusable nappies, which use only 2% of raw materials and generate a mere 1% of waste compared to single-use disposables, and be a part of the eco-solution. Reusable Nappies are the nappies the future generation needs us to use now! Leave a healthier planet for your baby.

Once your child is potty trained (around approx 2 year old to 3 year old) you can store your reusable nappies for a second child or passed on so they can be used in the future for more than one child, you definitely cant do that with disposables.

Home of the best reusable nappy brands for your baby

The Nappy Lady UK has been offering reusable nappy advice, only the best reusable nappies and supporting parents with her expert advice since 1999. Modern cloth nappies have changed a lot in that time, reusable nappies keep getting better and better! We are the reusable nappy experts and will find the best reusable nappies for you to get started.

Many parents worry about where to start and which reusable nappy to choose and how many nappies or nappy wraps that they need. This is where mine and my team of reusable nappy experts (all trained by The Nappy Lady herself) nappy knowledge comes in.  We will guide you through our famous nappylady nappy advice questionnaire to get the best reusable nappies for your family. Whilst it initially seems confusing take it a step at a time, the first step being to complete our free nappy advice questionnaire.

When you buy reusable nappies from Thenappylady you can guarantee you are buying a reliable nappy system as we only stock the very best tried and tested cloth nappy brands which offer high quality nappies, many of our brands are award winning. Many of our brands of reusable nappies we have worked with since our very beginning and are now old friends of ours. Their nappies are built to last and be reused rather than creating mountains of disposable nappy waste. Save UK landfill and use reusable nappies.

We even have reusable nappies for older children. Our older child range is from 5 year old up to approx 12 year old. Then we have a teen and adult nappy range.

Reusable nappies are more reliable than disposables, no leaks when you wear a good quality reusable system. Don't put up with leaky disposable mess, reuse beautiful explosion proof cloth quality nappies..

Some people want to try out a few types but we can help you avoid this cost through our nappy advice service. We have nappies for every baby,  even a super heavy wetter. Some of the best reusable nappy brands and quality nappies are Mother-ease with their fabulous all in one Uno, award winning Tots Bots bamboo nappy range, Bambino Mio, Bright Bots, White bots by Bright Bots too, Little Lamb two part nappies, Little Lamb are famous for their bamboo nappy range which is a great option for night time, Close (famous for their double gusset), we even sell a few accessies in our own nappy brand. The NappyLady is the original nappy retailer selling nappies online.

Reusable nappies come in different styles & nappy type

The most reliable offering excellent containment are fitted nappies (sometimes called shaped nappies, two part nappies or two parters) with a separate waterproof nappy cover. A Night time nappy such as Tots Bots is normally a fitted nappy however they are super absorbent nappies for the longer wear time, no need to use a disposable overnight. Nighttime nappies need room for additional boosters so having a separate wrap over the fitted nappy provides this space. For ease of use, a quick nappy change and ultimate convenience then all in one nappies and pocket nappies are very popular and quick to change as they have a built in reusable liner layer and a variety of inserts. A pocket nappy is popular for childcare and fits birth to potty. We even sell pocket nappies sold without inserts so you can give new life to old inserts.

There are also flat nappies which are folded into a shape or flat nappy inserts that you fold and stuff into pocket nappy or nappy wrap. If you are on a budget or need practical quick drying reusable nappies these are excellent. The most traditional flat nappies are Terry Squares which are made of a material like bathroom towels. well known brands are Briht Bots.  Muslins squares are especially great flat nappies for a newborn. Muslins can be folded incredibly tiny for the smallest of newborn to chunky ones. Flat nappies such as terry squares are excellent economical night time nappies. Cotton terry squares are the original reusable nappies. You may also have heard of prefolds which were first made large scale by Bambino Mio. Prefolds make great pocket nappy inserts.

We mustn't forget all in twos which are a kind of hybrid nappy system between fitted nappies and all in one nappies. All reusable nappies need nappy liners and many styles are suitable as night time nappies even a very heavy wetter. Reusables come in options of poppers sometimes called snaps, Velcro fastening or fasten free where you use a Nappi Nippa.

Range of cloth nappy designs

Reusable nappies are not only super absorbent nappies but come in a range of different designs of eco friendly beautiful prints, patterns and colours. Match your reusables to your outfit just as Rihanna did with her baby on the cover of Vogue. The nappy.lady is the home of the iconic Prism and lovely Pop Pop nappy prints by Motherease. If you prefer the traditional look reusable nappies are available in beautiful clean bright white too.

Modern Cloth Nappy Fabrics

Modern reusable nappies come in a variety of fabrics cotton is the traditional cost effective terry towel nappy materials that is highly absorbent and washes well.

Now washable nappies also come in soft bamboo, hemp or microfibre. Microfibre is a man made material,it's super quick drying and stays super soft even in hard water areas however it is the most bulky materials. The super soft Teddy nappy is our best selling microfibre option. In hard water areas nappy fabric can be kept soft by occassionally fluffing it in a tumble drier on a short cycle. For night time nappies super absorbent hemp or bamboo is incredibly popular and widely regarded as the best fabric for night use nappies. both are used in our excellent Nox night time nappies.

Fleece liners are excellent for keeping baby feel dry in cloth diapers.

What are the parts of a reusable nappy system?

Many parents worry that there are too many parts to a reusable nappy system but once you break it down it's not as confusing.

There is the outer layer which is a waterproof cover or called an outer wrap or nappy wrap. It is there to keep baby's clothes dry and covered from the reusable nappies used underneath. The wrap will be made of breathable PUL a waterproof wrap material or wool wraps. Wraps come in different designs including cute prints, colours or beautiful white. A two part nappy (wrap and separate nappy) is the best system against leaks. For generations customers who sworn by a two part system or double layer nappy system to keep poonami and leaks at bay.

The nappy (or insert) which provides the nappy absorbency to contain the wee and poo. These fastened in either poppers, Velcro or Nappi Nippa fastening. Popper fastening tend to be the most popular. It needs to be covered by a waterproof layer. Without baby wearing a waterproof layer your nappy would leak.

Add boosters for night use. Simply popping a booster in gives you higher absorbency and a longer wear time. Nothing fiddly at all.

Finally the inner layer are nappy liners which is there to make getting rid of poo easier and keep baby's skin dry. This can be either a liner you reuse also called a fleece washable / reusable liner or disposable liner - whatever suits your family best. If you use a pocket nappy a fleece liner layer will automatically be built in, this is one reason a pocket nappy is popular for nursery. Our most popular disposable liners are the Bambinex paper liners, they tear off a roll easily and can dispose of them in a bin, do not flush. Another benefit of using a liner is that they protect the nappy fabric from any moisturisers or barrier creams that you might be using on baby's bum.

An optional item is a nappy booster which add extra nappy absorbency. Add booster into your your night time nappies making a super absorbent combination for your night nappies. Night nappies are often made of hemp or bamboo.

Why don't you consider adding in cloth wipes as well. Reusable wipes are cheaper and quicker at cleaning baby. Using reusable baby wipes will save you so much money they'll almost pay for your cloth nappies.Reusable wipes can be washed with your nappies creating no extra work.

One size or sized reusable nappies?

Reusable nappies come in different sizes or one size, there are pros and cons to both. The most popular are one size nappies which are sometimes called birth to potty nappies or birth to toddler nappies. One size nappies are the most economical as they see you through from smaller babies to potty training.

The other option are sized nappies or newborns. A sized nappy comes in a variety of sizes as baby grows. Sized give the best perfect fit for newborn baby nappies and we stock an extensive range of newborn nappies for your little one. At the other end of the scale we also stock large sized modern reusable nappies and nappy pants for toddlers and older children. We also offer adult terry nappies and plastic pants for older people.

Washing cloth nappies is easy

Washing reusable nappies is very simple you don't have to be reusable nappy experts to wash them. Simply knock solids into the toilet and store dirty nappies in a nappy bucket or wet bag. Wet bags come in many sizes.  For a nappy change while out and about have a small wet bag for storage to keep in your change bag. On wash day take your cloth nappies,cloth wipes and wet bags to the washing machine, you could bulk out with additional items like bibs what need a thorough wash. Put your nappies on a rinse cycle, wash with detergent washing powder on a long cotton was no higher than 60deg, no fabric softener and then for drying nappies ideally hang to dry. If you have limited drying facilities don't worry we have a range of quick drying nappies.

Save money and air dry your reusable nappies rather than tumble drying. Line drying nappies doesn't only save money it is also much better for the long term condition of reusable nappies material, line dry nappies are less prone to excess shrinkage and balding. A night time system does normally take longer to dry than day time reusable nappies as they have higher overall absorbency. In winter expect nappies to take longer to dry but do not dry directly on a radiator as this can damage fabric. Always read the care instructions when you first receive your nappies just in case the nappy had any specific requirements. Using an energy efficient washing machine to wash your reusables will make your washing costs cheaper and be even more environmentally friendly.


We sell a variety of reusable nappy accessories that will make storing, using and washing your nappies easier. We will suggest the relevant reusable nappy accessories for parent and child through our nappy recommendation service.

Reusable wipes are the most popular accessory as they are washed with the nappies so make perfect sense to use at the same time, Cheeky Wipes are a well known brand of washable wipes. Reusable wipes also clean baby up quicker.

Even if you do not switch to reusable nappies we have accessories that will make disposable nappies more absorbent, simpler potty training and bed protectors ideal layers when you're expecting as well as for children's beds.

Reusable Nappies and Demonstration

Did you know we also offer online demos of reusable nappies? We offer free group demos as well as private one to ones. These give you the opportunity to ask any questions about reusable nappies, see an example of each type, get personal recommendations for your circumstances and can help you really understand what is the best reusable nappies for your baby. Whatever your queries or questions we can guarantee we've been asked before so never be shy. We want you to be pleased and fall in love with your reusable nappies

There are many ways to book, either online or drop us an email or call., we're here to help. Reusable nappy demo adds so much to your nappy journey and this considered purchase, book today.

Special Offers on cloth nappies

As the UK leading independent cloth nappy specialist we work very closely with reusable nappies suppliers to get you the very best prices and special offers with cheap nappies to save you money on your cloth nappy purchase and get more babies wearing reusable nappies. Look out for our sale which happens a few times every year. Get your personal reusable nappies recommendations then visit our reusable nappies offers category. Nappy.lady gives fast delivery and offers customers a free UK delivery shipping over a certain amount. Save money with our free shipping option when choosing reusing. We'll soon have you ditching the disposable nappies.

The Nappy Lady™ Nationwide nappy incentive scheme

Some local councils offer incentives and vouchers to try cloth nappies & reusable nappies, it is worth checking our local council incentive page to see if yours does. The NappyLady has ended the postcode lottery with their nationwide incentive scheme. Apply today and get started with The NappyLady incentive scheme. Our incentive scheme has a mix of practical nappies and materials from bamboo cloth nappies, cotton and microfibre quality nappies. Helping our customers to save the environment. The Nappy Lady Nappy incentive is a great way to try different brands and making the switch from disposable nappies. Valid for babies under a year old. Together we will make a healthier planet.

Council Subsidy

Did you know that many UK local councils offer subsidies or vouchers towards buying reusable nappies for your little ones some even offer kits of cheap nappies. Reusable nappies save waste which saves your council money in the long run. We have council kits for your children that you can exchange your voucher for so there is nothing additional needed to pay. Check our guide to see if your council runs a scheme and then shop our council cloth nappy kits page all put together by Team Nappy Lady the reusable nappy experts.

Reusable Nappies, creams and detergents

You don't need to use specialist detergents when washing reusable nappies, your normal non bio is perfect of course. If you would like to use a specialist sanitiser for your modern reusable nappies then we stock Bambino Mio sanitiser and Tots Bots Potion. We also stock a range of skin friendly nappy creams ideal when little one is teething or has those teething poos. Every thing you need birth to potty.

Reusable Swim Nappies

Did you know you don't need to use disposable swim nappies for swimming! They didn't even exist until 18 years ago! Along with reusable nappies we sell a vast range of reusable swim nappies so parents can keep your baby warm and most important leak free during swimming lessons from newborn up till school age. No embarrassing accidents in baby swim class! No more nappies being thrown away after swimming fun. The best selling brand is Splash About Happy Nappy which are the recommended swim nappy choice for using in your local swimming pool or baby swim class in the UK, swim without fear of poos in the pool. Splash are the nappy experts for everything baby swimming.

Shipping Options

We ship reusable nappies all over the world. There will be shipping options at checkout for UK and rest of world. Once you've ordered your cloth nappies we ship fast so you won't have to wait long!

Reusable Menstrual Products

Have you thought about using reusable menstrual products? We're not just UK reusable nappy experts - visit and shop our sister site The Period Lady and discover all the amazing reusable period pads, cups and discs available. They will change how you manage your period forever and be better for the planet. Fast delivery from the same warehouse as  our TNL shop.