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Bimbles Newborn Nappy Hire
Bimbles Newborn Nappy Hire

Bimbles Newborn Nappy Hire

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Product Details

Hire Kit Availability

We have over 100 hire kits across our hire kit ranges however demand is incredibly high.  Our hire kits receive bookings often 8 months in advance.  At the time of writing in November 2022 some of our kits are approaching being fully booked for March 2023! To guarantee your kit of choice is available for your hire period you should aim to order by 20 weeks pregnancy. 

We understand it can make parents nervous buying anything before your 12 or 20 week scan. Please be reassured if for any reason you need to cancel your hire kit BEFORE it is dispatched it will be cancelled and refunded in FULL.   Once hire kits are dispatched (approx 4-6 weeks before your due date) the hire fee will not be refunded in part or in full in any circumstances other than in cases in stillbirth/SIDS.

Hire Kits are only available for hire in the UK.


Bimbles Hire Kit Costs

The bimbles hire kits cost:
85* hire fee + £100 deposit

On the return of the nappies the £100 deposit can either be refunded or used against a future order.
*IF you spend over £150 on other items with us you will also received an additional £30 credit from your hire fee.


Bimbles Hire Kit Contents:

  • 20 Bimbles.
  • 3 Nappi Nippas
  •  5 XS/Small Wraps

This is enough for one baby using cloth full time.

If you have Twins you should need to book 2 kits, they don't have to be the same type of kit.  At time of booking add details on your order that you have two kits for twins so we can confirm the most appropriate date to book for you and we'll arrange for a 10% refund on your hire kit.

You'll also need to buy:

  • Paper Liners if you'd like to use them. (Bambinex liners fit the best.)
  • Nappy Bucket/Nappy Mesh to store the used ones in.

    Even with buying these additional items the cost of using the bimbles will work out less than you'd spend on disposables!

Sizing & Fabrics

The bimbles newborn nappies are very cute and incredibly useful for those early weeks when standard size 1 nappies just seem a bit too big on a tiny newborn.

Bimbles newborn officially fit from 4-15lbs although i find they struggle to fit from 12lbs. At a RRP price of £7.00 per nappy this makes buying Bimbles a luxury most people can't justify for a nappy that will only last a few months.

However I think everybody should have the option of using Bimbles, I know I was certainly very grateful for mine in the early days. They are more absorbent than muslins so perfect for night time and if you go out. They are shaped nappies so they offer excellent containment and no folding required. The Bimbles are fully fleece lined so you don't have to use any other liners however using paper liners makes life easier in the early days.


Extending The Hire Kit Period

Your hire kit period is for 3 calendar months from babies birth. If you need to extend your kit beyond 3 calendar months we will try to accomodate this depending on the hire date of the family after you but this can't be promised. If the hire kit is able to be extended this is an additional £20per calendar month. If the kit is returned late the extension fee will be automatically applied.

Care & Consideration

We expect that returned Bimbles will have been used and washed according to our guidelines but not damaged. We do expect some wear and tear of course. On the return of the nappies please do not worry if they are stained as this is common with newborn/breastfed poo. Stains are easily removed by drying them on the line (or even a window ledge) in the sun for a day or two. If any nappies are returned beyond use, the deposit or part of it may not be refunded to cover the cost of a replacement nappy.

Once hire kits are dispatched the hire fee will not be refunded in part or full in any circumstances other than in cases of stillbirth. The deposit will be refunded in full on safe return of the hire kit.

Extending the hire kit period.
Your hire kit period is for 3 calendar months from babies birth. If you need to extend your kit beyond 3 calendar months we will try to accomodate this depending on the hire date of the family after you but this can't be promised. If the hire kit is able to be extended this is an additional £20 per calendar month. If the kit is returned late the extension fee will be automatically applied.



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22 Reviews:

New Review
01 July 2023  | 

Our baby was born 3 weeks early and very small so initially even the bimbles were massive on him. We definitely couldn't have used birth to potty nappies. Started out with Pampers size 0 and the number of nappies we went through was crazy. It definitely felt good to move him onto the reusable ones although they are still very bulky on a tiny baby. It's been hot so we've mostly just had him in the nappies but whenever we put him in a baby grow he looks like he wearing jodhpurs. it's kind of doesn't matter but i've given 4 out of5 stars for this reason and because while the nappy nippas are easy to use sometimes they do work free under the wrap. I look forward to moving to a velcro nappy. we also prefer the velcro motherease wraps over the popper ones as they're just easier to use but i know when he gets bigger we wont have that choice. the containment is very good though we've only had one leak during the night.

Overall the idea of hiring a kit and this kit in particular really worked for us. We were already planning on using cloth but the chance to try it out for 3 months and see whether it was going to work for us become committing to a stash that should last 2 years was really good psychologically. The nappy lady gave useful guidance so we felt supported and responded to my email quickly when i had an extra questions.
I would recommend this hire kit to friends.


Fantastic product and service
01 August 2022  | 

I cannot speak highly enough of this service. We really wanted to try re-usable nappies but weren't sure what to do for the newborn stage as they can be quite costly, especially as we would be using them for such a short period of time. This hire service allowed us to use re-usables without the price tag! The kit arrived in good time and in very good condition - I dont know if the nappies had been used before, but you couldn't tell if they had. Our little boy weighed 6lb 14oz when born and is now 9lb15 at 2 months old, and they are only now starting to get a little bit on the small side. We much prefer them to the disposables (we had some as back up and have used them on occassion). We found the bimbles held much more than the disposables and had significantly less leakage. We have only had leakage with the bimbles a couple of times, mostly due to us not quite fitting them correctly. 4 of the wraps had velcro and 1 poppers, which is great to see which we prefer when we purchase the larger size nappies. The velcro does give you more flexibility with sizing which is very handy when they are so small, but I have found you have to be very careful with placing the velcro making sure it is straight as it can catch the edging of the nappy making it bobble, and make sure you fix the velcro for washing so it doesn't stick to anything else you are washing them with!! At first we were pretty much doing a wash everyday to ensure we had enough drying time, but now it's nearer every other day - the warmer weather and a conservatory has helped this. I 100% recommend these nappies and this service - I am so glad we were able to use reusables from day 1.

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Containment brilliant and baby bum felt dry
16 February 2022  | 

Never had any leaks and all poo explosions were contained. Nappies dried really well and I loved that the fleece liner is already part of the nappy so no adding anything extra. The nappi nippas took a few attempts to get the hang of but once I worked out the technique I became quite quick at being able to fasten them. My daughter seemed to outgrow bimbles at 9lbs so we didn’t get a lot of wear out of them but this is just the nature of newborn anything. The only thing I would add is be prepared to dress baby in bigger sized clothing with these on. We found all her new baby clothes which fitted fine when she was wearing a disposable were just too tight for cloth. Really happy with the hire kit and it was really exciting to receive knowing that baby was on her way soon. Thanks

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10 November 2021  | 

Used from birth. Loved them so much that we have already bought a set of bumbles (the bigger nappies of the same brand). So easy to use! Only time we had a leak was when we attached the wrap incorrectly. Our only gripe was that we don't have a tumble drier meaning we had to do a nappy wash every single day. It was tough in the early days with a difficult first baby. If we forgot there would be a stress of potentially running out of clean dry nappies. It would be great if the kit came with 30!

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Perfect for a newborn
31 January 2020  | 

If you are not planning on having any more babies this works out as an economical option for clothing a newborn. There are 20 newborn sized nappies which are very absorbent and wash well. They take about two days to dry but can go in the tumble drier. Washing every two days I have not run out. There are five wraps. I got two rikkis, one airflow, a blueberry capri and a misolo. They are all sized to fit a newborn. Also three nappi nippas. The kit was sent well before my due date. I would fully recommend this kit.

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Overall great, will recommend!
07 January 2020  | 

We had an overall great experience with the bimbles newborn nappy hire kit.
We waited until the umbilical cord fell off the little one before we could properly use them as we found that it was hard to protect the area with these nappies. As soon as the cord fell off we used these exclusively - we found the absorbancy great and they were soft against the baby's skin. The kit was in great condition and we found the nappy nippas easy to use.
One thing that we didn't necessarily like was the wraps provided - they were a good variety in terms of trying out different wraps, however we didn't particularly like the velcro ones and some of them were too big to begin with, so we found ourselves waiting for the 2 more adjustable ones to come out of the wash very often. I would definitely like to see either more wraps provided, or 5 wraps that adjust very small so that they are enough to last between washes.
We loved the services and found it great value for money, even though we only used them for 2 months as the little ones grew out of them quickly. I also love the fact that these nappies are reused, making it even more eco friendly.

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So easy to use
03 June 2019  | 

I love this nappy kit. The nappies are easy to use, as are the nippas and wraps. It was all in excellent condition when received, and the advice given both with the nappy kit and online has been invaluable. Very worth the investment to give you an idea of whether washables is for you. My only drawback is how bulky they look on my little one but that's by the by - nothing can be done about it.

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Great so far!
09 March 2019  | 

We hired a newborn kit and started using the day after coming home from hospital (day 3). So far so good - only challenges we’re finding so far are that wrap occasionally catches on umbilical stump & also a bit tougher when catches on sore nipple compared to the disposable.

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Fantastic for slim newborn
14 February 2019  | 

So delighted to come home from hospital and start using this kit. Little one is 7lb 10oz but slim and the nappies and wraps are just about starting to fit well. He would be completely swamped by our birth to potty ones. The Bimbles are so easy to put on and so soft on his bottom, and wash like a dream so far with a good drying time on my indoor airer (in February with heating on). Very efficient service from The Nappy Lady and all the nappies beautifully clean or brand new in the kit, and nice patterns on the wraps. Adding to the joy of the early weeks and I look forward to the next nappy change! If you are thinking of hiring one of these kits, do it!

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Excellent kit
10 January 2019  | 

My partner and I have been using the Bimbles kit on our twins for 10 weeks now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It has been so easy to use even in the chaos of two babies and the amount of nappy changes that involves!
The bimble itself with nappi nipper is very straightforward even on wriggly babies and you get a good range of wraps to try out.
We have got into a good wash routine always trying to leave enough nappies until the next load is dry, a little tricky in the early days when nappy changes are very frequent. There were odd occasions when we used disposable and definetly looked forward to getting the bimbles back on the babies bums! So much better for their skin especially my sensitive skinned twin.
I would highly recommend this kit to anybody twins or singletons for it's ease of use and introduction into the world of cloth nappies!

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Big Baby
04 December 2018  | 

Great kit unfortunately my boy hit the 12lb weight limit at 5 weeks (and barely fitted into them before that) so we didn't get that much use out of the kit.

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15 November 2018  | 

I am very happy with the service and communication from the nappy lady so far. There is lots of advice on the website and being able to hire this kit for new born at a good price is great. Although the nappiesvare raring to go I cannot commentyet on their use as baby hasn’t arrived yet . Thanks

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Not for us!
27 March 2018  | 

Great service and the product exactly as described but it wasn't for us. Managing the nappi nipper on these and then putting the wrap over the top while my newborn wriggled and screamed was just too much! Sure the nappy lady is totally right and these were better for containment but all in ones were so much easier for us and we didn't mind a few leaks. Tricky to know whether your wee one will be a reluctant nappy changer as you have to hire these kits so far in advance but something to think about.

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Perfect newborn nappies
11 April 2017  | 

Having hired newborn nappies from The Nappy Lady when my first daughter was born, we decided to repeat this for our second. We found Bimbles to be a great fit and easy to wash and dry. They are easy to use on a tiny squirming baby and, because you are changing the baby frequently the hire quantity from The Nappy Lady is just perfect.

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Excellent service
16 January 2017  | 

We were sure that we wanted to use a reusable nappy system from the start but didn't know how to make an informed decision from all the available options out there. The Nappy Lady's advice was invaluable, as is this hire kit, which lets you try it out for a few months before getting your own.

My baby is two weeks old and I have to say for inexperienced parents we are managing quite well with the Bimbles nappies! The Nappi Nippas are a little bit fiddly but not too onerous and the nappies themselves dry relatively quickly on a heated airer (we don't have a tumble dryer).

In all, we will definitely look to getting our own set when the hire period is over, and are very glad for the hire option so that we can give it a trial run!

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Really useful hire kit!
10 September 2016  | 

I am really happy with this hire kit. Our system is to cloth nappy during the day, and use disposables during the night (husband took some convincing to cloth nappy!) The number of nappies in this kit, combined with the cloudy London weather lets me wash every 2 days without the dryer.

Size wise, these are a good fit for my baby - he was born 8oz 7lb and 55cm long (more tall than he is wide) and I think these nappies will last at least a month more depending on growth.

I would recommend buying a couple more wraps - personally I like the snaps better than the velcro which seems a bit scratchy. The milovia and blueberry newborn size covers fit well with these nappies.

Thank you nappy lady for a really useful bit of kit at a reasonable price, much appreciated.

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Great newborn nappies without the expense of buying
26 June 2016  | 

I've just sent back my bumbles hire pack with wraps and have really enjoyed using them. The nappies were delivered several weeks early so I could practise but they were easy to put on and fitted baby well when she arrived (6lb 3oz). The nappies looked good quality and although used didn't have any stains and had plenty of life left in them. I also used the wrap hire which included airflow and Rikki motherease wraps, again used but plenty of life in them ( I think one was new). This also allowed me to decide which wraps were my favourite and which I'd purchase in the future. I would thoroughly recommend this hire pack, they are lovely slim but absorbent nappies that fit a newborn much better than btp or size 1 nappies but without the expense of buying them. As always a fantastic friendly and efficient service from h nappy lady- thank you!

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Really pleased you've got on well with your kit. We check each kit as it comes back and retire items as they age and will replace with new on a regular basis :)

Good idea
26 April 2016  | 

This is my 3rd child but have been using cloth for 5 years. I think hiring a newborn kit is an excellent idea as you don't need to pay for an extensive kit for a few weeks of wear. The Bimbles themselves are a nice design with a snug fit, and would have worked well on my first children - but my third is a heavy wetter so I did not find them absorbent enough and I had to boost them with bamboo boosters that I had to source elsewhere.

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Great kit
28 June 2014  | 

I used cloth with my first child from 3 months (teddies during day & bumbles overnight) and this time around was keen to start sooner. The kit is ideal as the bimbles are essentially the same as bumbles only smaller so you get a snug fit. Hiring the kit means I didn't have to invest more money in tiny nappies whilst waiting for the baby to grow into the teddies.

I found the number of wraps & nappies to be fine, but then I was still doing a regular nappy wash for our eldest anyway and also the baby didn't dirty the nappy every time.

Overall v happy with the kit!

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Excellent product!
16 December 2013  | 

I started using the hire kit straight from birth (the hospital staff/midwives hadn't seen the reusable nappies before!) and they are absolutely brilliant. Very easy to use, they wash beautifully and baby girl seems to enjoy wearing them. I really prefer them to the few disposables that I've tried (even the organic natural ones) they are more substantial and obviously have both an environmental and financial benefit. I would highly recommend the hire system!

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20 August 2013  | 

The nappies came in good time (the baby was almost two weeks late, anyway!) and great condition. The Bambinex liners fit perfectly, and everything is super easy to use.

The only thing stopping me from giving this product five stars is that I could do with more nappies. We do a wash every day just to stay on top of things - this is probably down to the fact that we do not have a tumble drier. It might be good to recommend the twins kit for people without driers.

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A great way to try cloth nappies for first timers
21 May 2013  | 

We've been using bimbles for our first child as my husband and. Really wanted to use cloth nappies, but didn't want to spends lot if money only to find out tha it wouldn't work for us. This is the best nappy hire for newborns I've found. It's exceptional value for money as other hire schemes usually only let you have nappies for a few weeks.

The nappies themselves arrived in I good time and in excellent condition. I've recommended ths to everyone expecting I baby that I know.

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