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Reusable potty training pants are very popular as they help the potty trainer to feel wet which can help speed up toilet training. The Nappy Lady stocks a large variety of reusable trainer pants for your potty training journey. Don't know where to start? Read our potty training guide to the best training pants.

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Brolly Sheets Single Bed Protectors
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Hero Undies Spare Insert Set
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My Carry Potty Set Pearl Grey

Reusable Training Pants

Take the stress out of potty training with the best potty training pants at The Nappy Lady, no need for disposable pull ups and avoids wet underwear. 

A wide variety of reusable training pants is available from young toddlers who have just started potty training up to bid kids or teenagers who still wet the bed at night. Cloth pants have a hidden water resistant layer, stretchy waistband, they come with an inner pad offering a variety of absorbencies.

Absorbent training pants mimic normal underwear so you'll soon have a potty trained little one and no need for disposable potty training pants.

The Nappy Lady stocks potty training pants for boys but also girls toilet training pants. Many items are available in unisex colours and prints.

Reusable Training Pants Girl , Boy & Unisex

There is little difference between training pants for girls or boys.  For some such as the Bamboolik trainer pants you could move the absorbency or fold it more towards the front for a boy but otherwise for most others there isn't a way to position the absorbency.  We sell training pants in traditional gender girl and boy colours but we also stock many unisex prints. We have training pants and training panties for everyone.

Bright Bots Reusable Training Pants

Bright Bots reusable training pants have an underwear like fit and are ideal for those at the end of their potty training and just need a training pants or potty training knickers as back up. Bright bots are your big kid underwear, ideal for little ones who can use the potty.   Bright Bots reusable training pants have a concealed water resistant layer.

For higher absorbency toilet training pants consider other potty training pants such as the Bamboolik or Grovia cloth training pants. 

Reusable Training Pants For Night Time

If night time is where your toddler is stuck consider our range of potty training nappies such as the Kijani night time pants. Reusable training pants with pull up with stretchy sides making it easy for little hands but can be opened up for easy changing.

For lighter wetters Motherease the big kid pants pull ups. These are fabulous with full waterproof outer layer.

For highest absorbency the Motherease Bedwetters. Unbeatable for generations!

Pull up style makes for easy access when it's time to use the potty.

Sizes available for toddler training pants up to older children washable training pants.

Bed Protectors

When you start potty training it's also important you protect your mattress. One of our most popular bed protectors for at home or holidays is the Hippychick fitted cotton mattress protectors.