The Nappy Lady Ltd

Help Videos: Getting Started

We've all had to start somewhere, and here at The Nappy Lady we're hoping to make getting started that little bit easier, so here's our selection of helpful video guides for reusable nappies.


Entire nappy demonstration. Ideal for beginners. 90mins long.

Parts of a cloth nappy

Caring for cloth nappies

Putting on a nappy wash

Using and Caring for Wool Wraps

How to change a two part nappy system


How to change a pocket nappy system

How to change an all-in-one nappy system

How to change a prefold nappy system

Continuing our help and advice videos, The Nappy Lady brings you an insight into nappy accessories, boosters and swim wear!

Cloth Nappy Accessories, Part 1

Cloth Nappy Accessories, Part 2

How to use a Nappi Nippa

Premium Washable Wipes

Vest Extenders

Paper Liners

Nappy Changing Night Gowns

Bed protectors for late pregnancy, breast feeding & children

Washable Breast Pads

Splash About Happy Nappy for swimming