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Reusable swim nappies offer superior poo containment compared to disposable swim nappies. The Nappy Lady offer many types of reusable swim nappy options. The Splash About Happy Nappy is the best reusable swim nappy in the UK. The Happy Nappy brand are the swim nappies required by most swimming pools and for baby swim schools such as Water Babies. 

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Reusable swim nappies - Leak Proof Legs - Swimming Pool Approved

Reusable baby swimming nappies offer great value, are reliable and better for the environment than disposable swim nappies while at the same time offering superior protection against loose stools compared to Huggies little swimmers disposable nappies or Pampers Splashers nappy.

Babies look so cute in a traditional washable swim nappy. There are prints designed with a baby boy in mind as well as baby girls. There is also a great selection of gender neutral so whatever your style there will be a swim nappy or Happy Nappy to match for swimming lessons or the beach.

Baby & Children will normally wear a nappy for  2 years + until they are reliably potty trained and can move to normal swimwear. Normally you will need 2-3 sizes as baby grows.

The nappy size is normally based on babies age and most go up to toddler or potty training age but we do hold stock up to adult sizes. Check the size chart for guidance. Shop the full range on our website, all reliably protects against leaks including faecal leaks.

Many parents use baby swimming nappies even if they do not use a reusable nappy also known as cloth nappies as their regular nappy.

A neoprene reusable swim nappy fabric range is the most popular as they are snug around the waist and legs to keep poo inside. They fit well without restricting movement. Customers have been using them for years and love them.

Reusable swimming nappies are easy to care for at home or on holiday. Remove any solids, rinse after use and wash at 30deg in the machine as required. Ideally air dry.

Baby Swim Classes

When you take your little one to swim classes such as Water Babies they will ask you to double nappy with a Happy Nappy. This means a lightweight fabric neoprene swim pant such as the HappyNappy on top which offers a secure fit, a comfortable fit and with leak proof legs. Check for details of what your Water Babies or swimming class requires.

Water Babies Require A Happy Nappy

Baby swim classes such as Water Babies require a Happy Nappy nappy and swim nappy cover until the child has been through potty training. Water Babies do not insist that this underneath nappy has to be disposable ones such as Huggies little swimmers.

Water Babies are happy that worn underneath the Happy Nappy swim pant you can use the super soft matching Happy Nappy Splash About inner, or another reusable one such as the Bambino Mio swim pants or the Tots Bots swim nappy which offers adjustable tabs. The inner layer fits around the waist and legs will catch and hold any faecal leaks. Check with your local Water Babies classes for their requirements.

Inner Nappy Layer

Instead of the matching Happy Nappy inner you can alternatively you can still use a disposable swim nappy underneath such as Huggies Little Swimmers however we would encourage you to avoid the use of disposables as they can absorb too much water from the swimming pool plus have environmental and financial impacts.

The cost a disposable swim nappy soon mounts up if you take baby swimming regularly. There is no more risk of nappy rash with a reusable inner as there is with a disposable inner. Baby's skin will remain beautifully soft and peachy.

Happy Nappy Duo

A new product to explore in the world of reusable swim nappies is the Happy Nappy Duo by Splash About.

Happy Nappy Duo reusable swim nappy have been designed with a concealed water resistant layer built into the Happy Nappy Duo so you don't have to use a separate layer.  These are quicker for nappy changes to prepare and after swimming and reliably protects against leaks however if baby does poo in the pool it is harder to clean baby up. The system is also provides great value for money as the inner is included in the price of the Duo.

The Happy Nappy duo gives you the extra protection your baby needs while the convenience of only one layer.

No additional nappy needs to be worn with the Happy Nappy Duo.

Most reusable swim nappies only need to be rinsed after use but can be put in the washing machine if they need a deeper clean. They dry quickly and will not need to be tumble dried.

The Happy Nappy Duo is suitable for use in Water Babies swim classes.

Reusable Swim Nappy Options For Older Children and Special Needs

The Splash Jammers reusable swim nappy range is suitable for older children and right up to adults.

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