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Potty Training Pants

Reusable potty training pants are very popular as they help the potty trainer to feel wet which can help speed up toilet training.Don't know where to start? Read our potty training guide to the best training pants.
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Potty Training Pants

All children will need some form of potty training pants while they learn to make the transition from nappies to normal underwear. Potty training pants support their learning and save the child from embarrasing puddles when they have an accident.

Reusable potty training pants have the advantage over disposables that they truly keep the child feeling wet. This wet feeling helps the child associate going to the toilet and supports their training.

Pants to Start Potty Training

You'll find the best potty training pants at The Nappy Lady, no need for disposable pull ups and avoids wet underwear. Our training pants support your child's journey from nappies to undies

When your child is ready to potty train there is a wide variety of reusable training pants available from young toddlers who have just started potty training up to bid kids or teenagers who still wet the bed at night.

Cloth pants have a hidden water resistant layer, stretchy waistband, they come with an inner pad offering a variety of absorbencies. Reusable nappy pants are much better to potty train with as the child's skin will feel wet which helps the toilet training learning curve to becoming dry.

Reusable training pants lead to potty training success.

How many pairs of pants do I need?

How many trainer pants you need varies depending on the age of your child and where they are on their training journey.

Some families only need a couple of pairs for when inevitable accidents happen while others need ten pairs as little one has an accident every time. Consider how many accidents your child is having each day and go for that amount.

It's always wise to have a few spare pairs too.

Motherease Big Kid Pants

Mother-ease big kid pants are our best selling all rounder pull up style training pants. They offer enough absorbency to hold a full day wee. They are fully waterproof to protect clothes and furniture from little accidents.

Bright Bots Reusable Training Pants

Bright Bots super soft reusable training pants have an underwear like fit and are ideal for those reliably potty trained and just need a training pants or potty training knickers as back up for little accidents.

Bright bots are your big kid underwear, ideal for little ones who can use the potty.  The reusable training pants have a concealed water resistant layer and offer a snug fit. The absorbent layers catch small accidents and save you a few puddles!

For higher absorbency training pants consider other potty training pants such as the Bamboolik cloth training pants. 

Night Time

For night time you will need a higher absorbency trainer pants.

For some children even while they are dry in the day they require super absorbent night nappies for some time. The Mother-ease Bedwetters are perfect for the still heavy night wetter.

For those that are beginning to become drier at night consider the Bamboolik trainer pants where you can vary the inner pad to match your child's needs. Bamboolik comes with stretchy sides to help the child pull up and down as required.

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