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Little Lamb Bamboo Fitted Nappy Complete Kit

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Little Lamb Bamboo Fitted Nappy Overview

Little Lamb bamboo nappies are incredibly soft and extremely absorbent. They are also a fantastic price for a sized nappy system. The Little Lamb Bamboo is the best selling Little Lamb nappy, however Little Lamb are also available in Cotton.

Little Lamb Bamboo reusable nappies come with a double layer bamboo viscose booster to increase absorbency further. This is loose in the size 1 nappy so the nappy can be made slimmer for a newborn but the booster is sewn into the size 2. This booster is an integral part of the nappy and you will need an additional booster for night time. The Little Lamb bamboo is a perfect choice as a nighttime use nappy when used with an additional booster.

Kit Contents

  • 15 x Little Lamb Bamboo Aplix Fitted Nappies either size 1, size 2 or size 3
  • 5 x Little Lamb Nappy Wraps either size 1, size 2 or size 3
  • 1 x Roll of Bambinex Paper Liners
  • 1 x Nappy Bucket
  • 1x Laundry Mesh
  • 20x Classic Nappy Lady Reusable Wipes


  • Size 1 fits 9-18lbs with loose booster
  • Size 2 17-35lbs with sewn in booster
  • Size 3 35lbs+ with sewn in booster

How do I use it?

All Little Lamb nappies fasten with Velcro making them extremely simple to use. The tabs on all the Little Lamb have a crossover tab at the waist so the nappy can be made a tighter fit for a smaller baby.

There are laundry tabs inside each nappy which are designed to secure the tabs before the nappy goes into the bucket or washing machine. This prevents the Velcro picking up fluff in the washing machine and makes the Velcro long lasting.



Drying Speed
Incredibly Slow
Change Speed
Ease of Use
Aplix (Velcro)
Requires a Wrap?
Day or Night
Made In
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