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Insert -Little Lamb Bamboo

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Little Lamb Bamboo Insert Overview

Little Lamb Bamboo inserts are the inserts that comes with the Sized Little Lamb Pocket Nappies. The nappies are sold with the inner pads so you don't need to buy them separately. However if you need or like some spares they are also sold individually.

They also work well inside other pocket nappies either on their own or as boosters.

The bamboo inserts are incredibly soft and also stay soft. As they lay out flat they are reasonably quick drying for a bamboo fabric.

Sizing & Absorbency

Size 1 approx 170ml
Size 2 approx 190ml
Size 3 approx 200ml

Booster Fabric



Read more about using nappy boosters in our article "how to do you use cloth nappy boosters?


Little Lamb
Care & Warranty

Little Lamb Care Guide

Store dirty nappies in the nappy pail, separating any washable boosters, inserts or liners and closing the Velcro tabs over on themselves.  When you have a load ready, put them in the washer on a 30˚ wash with half the recommended dose of detergent, give them an extra rinse and air dry. That's all there is to it.

Here are a few tips:                         

- Dry pail the nappies.
- Soiled nappies should be washed regularly. Do not leave soiled nappies for longer than three days.
- Check the Velcro tabs are closed tightly on the nappies. Wash the wraps with the velcro closed but inside out. Boosters and inserts are best removed from pocket nappies prior to washing.
- We advise washing at 30˚.

The above is all most parents need to know but for the few parents who need it we've included the sum of our knowledge below:

Detergent: In our opinion powder detergents dissolve quicker and rinse better leading to cleaner laundry.

Dosage: We advise starting with half the recommended dose of detergent for the load size and water hardness and working up from there. The amount of detergent needed is dependent on load size, machine type and water hardness. Soft water needs less detergent to be effective and hard water needs more - possibly up to a full recommended dose.

Fabric softener: Do not use fabric softener in your nappy wash - it will coat the fibres and inhibit absorption.

Sanitisers: We do not recommend using sanitisers with your nappy wash. Sanitisers will affect the elastic and Velcro components and shorten the life of your nappies.

Drying: Drying nappies in direct sunshine is best. Placing them by, but not touching, a heat source is effective but do not place them directly on radiators as they may scorch. Avoid using a tumble drier where possible; if you do use a tumble dryer make sure it's on the low heat setting. Do not tumble dry wraps or pocket nappies.


Little Lamb Warranty

All Little Lamb products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 6 months from purchase, as long as care guidelines have been followed.

Use of the following will void warranty:

  • Nappy sanitisers (Napisan etc.)
  • Bleach, bleaching products (Oxy 10, vanish etc.)
  • Vinegar.
  • Washing soda, borax or bicarbonate of Soda.
  • Fabric softener.
  • Limescale removing  products (Calgon etc)
  • Dishwasher tablets.
  • Ecover, feedback of poor results, difficult to rinse thoroughly leaving residue and causing issues.

Little Lamb's decision on any warranty claim is final.

Customer Reviews (15)
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15 Reviews:

Little lamb insert
03 August 2021  | 

Product is easy to use and very absorbant, very pleased

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So soft!
27 December 2019  | 

I couldn’t believe how lovely these felt when I first took them out of the packet! They’ve washed beautifully too. They’ve solved the problem of leg leaks that I was getting with the LLOS pockets with the original boosters.

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Great liner
25 October 2019  | 

Perfect for our Bumgenius Elemental Joy pocket nappies.

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Love Little Lamb Inners
16 April 2019  | 

I bought the little lamb inners to replace the microfibre inners in my Milovia pocket nappies (that were getting smelly and starting to leak a little. I absolutely love the little lambs. Very thirsty and much slimmer fit on my 11 month old than two microfibres inners. They don’t dry as fast (of course), but worth it for the comfort they provide to my little mans sensitive skin. And great service as always. Arrived so quickly. We will be buying more (to use in a Petit Lulu wrap)

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So thirsty
05 March 2019  | 

Fantastically thirsty inserts. I use them in newborn pocket nappies with a little lamb double booster and one accidentally lasted 5 hours with no leaks! They’re so lovely and soft and fold up to very slim inserts. Little boy is currently 4 1/2 months and a heavy wetter

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19 November 2018  | 

Amazing so soft

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Excellent Inserts
13 November 2018  | 

Very good and easy to use inserts that can be folded to suit. Quick drying too

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does the job
19 September 2017  | 

We bought 12 of these to go in our Flip nappies as they kept leaking. They are not too bulky and absorb lots of wee, we use them for most changes.

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little lamb bamboo inserts
12 November 2014  | 

Fantastic buy! Brilliant for adding/ stuffing into my other nappies. Dry quick, feel really soft, fold up into two or three layers, absorb really well and are not bulky in any way. Great price and very quick delivery from 'The Nappy Lady' - Thankyou.

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best buy
15 July 2014  | 

These are amazing, they work with all the different nappies we use and they wash and dry in next to no time-an absolute bargain and the ideal booster/ pocket nappy filler

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Super absorbent
04 June 2014  | 

Lovely soft high quality bamboo super absorbent which is perfect for my heavy wetter.

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Excellent absorbancy
26 March 2014  | 

I received two size 2 inserts with my LL pockets, and bought a size 3 to try as my son is a heavy wetter. The size 2s do the job very well though, very absorbent, and as they fold flat they dry quite quickly near a radiator or outside when it's warm. They also fit well into our other pocket nappies.

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10 August 2013  | 

I absolutely love the feel of these inserts, i use them in the little lamb pockets and also in flips. Only downside is they loose the lovely feel after a few washes but cant fault the absorbancy

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24 April 2013  | 

I bought a selection of boosters for my little man as he had started leaking around the legs in his smartipants. For me these were the best of the 5 types I tried. My problem seemed to be that his liner didn't absorb quickly enough so he leaked even though the nappy wasn't especially wet. These soak up really fast and have never leaked - I am plucking up courage to use them at night! They are slimmer than most and really soft so they don't make the nappy seem bulky round the leg. They do take noticeably longer to dry than the others but I guess you have to live with that if you want super absorbency. I shall definitely be buying some more

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15 March 2013  | 

1 of these is not enough for the little lamb pockets for either my 6 month or 22 month, so I have lots of extra.
I mainly use them as an additional booster in little lambs bamboo or tots bits bamboozle stretch to make them last the night. Dry quite quickly in my airing cupboard about 12 hours. They do shrink considerably though but I find they hold a good amount of liquid. 1 is definitely never enough for a pocket nappy though!!!

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