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How Do You Use Cloth Nappy Boosters?

How Do You Use Cloth Nappy Boosters?

What is a booster for a nappy?

A booster is a piece of fabric that adds additional absorbency to your cloth nappies. They give your nappy a "boost".

How do you use cloth nappy boosters?

The booster is placed into your cloth nappies to increase absorbency. Boosters are usually used for night time in a fitted nappy but if you have a heavy wetter you can use one in the day time too.

For boosting a night time nappy place one booster inside the nappy, it is best not to put more than one booster inside as more can alter the fit around the legs. You can then place additional boosters between the nappy and the wrap to increase absorbency further without compromising the fit.

Different booster positions for boy and girls

Boosters can be used flat or folded. You can fold the booster to concentrate absorbency exactly at the point your baby needs it. For boys this is often at the front of the nappy and girls towards the back.

Where do you put boosters in a reusable nappy?

Boosters should be placed near baby's skin underneath any fleece liner or disposable paper liners. Always add your quickest absorbing booster on top nearest the skin.

The quickest absorbing are natural fabrics.

Can you use nappy boosters in disposable nappies?

Yes you can. If you are getting leaks with disposable nappies a reusable cloth booster can help resolve this.

Read more in our article "how to stop disposable nappies leaking."

What fabric is the best for nappy boosters?

Nappy boosters come in different materials:

  • Hemp
  • Cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Microfibre

A hemp booster is the most absorbent and microfibre is the least absorbent.


What is the difference between a cloth nappy inserts and a booster?

The terms insert and booster are fairly interchangeable however their purposes are slightly different. Inserts are what comes with a nappy when purchased and are part of the nappy design and supposed to be part of the nappy or are the absorbent part of the nappy. Booster is additional and added as extra, not essential.

Try to remember it this way. Inserts as being the absorbent pad that goes into a pocket nappy as they "insert" them into the pocket.

Examples of our best selling inserts

What are the best nappy inserts for reusable nappies?

The Little LoveBum hemp inserts are incredibly popular inserts for use in pocket nappies. The Kangacare 6r inserts are another popular choice that are super absorbent and especially designed for Kangacare pocket nappies however they can be used in any pocket nappy.

How many nappy boosters do you need?

For night time depending on the nappy you are need to booster and how heavy a wetter your baby is you will need 5-10 boosters. This allows you to have 1 booster to 2 boosters per night.

Daytime boosting isn't always required. You might find you only need a booster for car journeys, after swimming lessons or naps.

What is the most absorbent nappy booster?

Our best selling boosters are the Mother-ease staydry boosters which are a booster and a stay dry liner combined. These save you having to use separate fleece liners or disposable liners to keep baby's skin dry.

Hemp boosters are also incredibly popular as the fabric is super absorbent and makes slimmer boosters. The Ellas House Bum Booster, Easy Peasy Hemp Booster and the Little LoveBUM hemp boosters are the top sellers.

All these boosters are universal and can be used with any reusable nappy.

Our best selling boosters