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Wizard DUO XS Newborn Hire Kit

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Hire Kit Availability

We have over 100 hire kits across our hire kit ranges however demand is incredibly high.  Our hire kits receive bookings often 8 months in advance.  At the time of writing in November 2022 some of our kits are approaching being fully booked for March 2023! To guarantee your kit of choice is available for your hire period you should aim to order by 20 weeks pregnancy. 

We understand it can make parents nervous buying anything before your 12 or 20 week scan. Please be reassured if for any reason you need to cancel your hire kit BEFORE it is dispatched it will be cancelled and refunded in FULL.   Once hire kits are dispatched (approx 4-6 weeks before your due date) the hire fee will not be refunded in part or in full in any circumstances other than in cases in stillbirth/SIDS.

Hire Kits are only available for hire in the UK.

Wizard Duo Newborn Hire Kit Costs

£85* hire fee + £100 deposit

On the return of the nappies the £100 deposit can either be refunded or used against a future order.
*IF you spend over £150 on other items with us you will also received an additional £30 credit from your hire fee.


Wizard Duo Newborn Hire Kit Contents:

  • 20 Wizard Duo Staydry Day Inserts in Newborn Size (6-12lbs)
  • 5 Wizard Duo XS Perfect Fit Wraps (6-12lbs)
    This is enough for one baby full time.

    If you have Twins you should need to book 2 kits, they don't have to be the same type of kit.  At time of booking add details on your order that you have two kits for twins so we can confirm the most appropriate date to book for you and we'll arrange for a 10% refund on your hire kit.

    You'll also need to buy:

  • Paper Liners if you'd like to use them. (Bambinex liners fit the best.)
  • Nappy Bucket/Nappy Mesh to store the used ones in.

    Even with buying these additional items the cost of using the Sandys will work out less than you'd spend on disposables!

Sizing & Fabric:

Wizard Duo stay dry inserts are made from an exclusive  high tech super absorbent hypoallergic 100% polyester fabric.  The inserts give you full width coverage and will not bunch. Easy to rinse, super quick to dry and moisture wicking technology means they are dry to the touch even when wet. Super durable fabric which helps prevent rashes like no other on the market.
Mother-ease do not use fleece in their nappies like other brands do as fleece slows absorption and that can cause leaks. Mother-ease staydry fabric is entirely different to any other staydry fabric on the market and It is made JUST for them!  Mother-ease use a specially knit fabric that creates a stay dry barrier by the weave in the fabric. It allows the wetness to easily pass through, but not back. Keeping the babies skin dry to the touch.   Another neat aspect is that they include a cooling yarn as well. This keeps the temperature inside the nappy lower - cooler for baby and reduces the growth of bacteria.

These nappies are very cute and incredibly useful for those early weeks when standard size 1 or birth to potty nappies just seem a bit too big on a tiny newborn.  Wizard DUO Newborn XS Fits from  6-12lbs  At a RRP price per nappy of £9.99 per insert plus £13.50 for wraps buying these nappies a luxury most people can't justify for a nappy that will only last a few months.

Extending The Hire Kit Period

Your hire kit period is for 3 calendar months from baby's birth. If you need to extend your kit beyond 3 calendar months we will try to accomodate this depending on the hire date of the family after you but this can't be promised. If the hire kit is able to be extended this is an additional £20 per calendar month. If the kit is returned late the extension fee will be automatically applied.

Once hire kits are dispatched the hire fee will not be refunded in part or full in any circumstances other than in cases of stillbirth/SIDS. The deposit will be refunded in full on safe return of the hire kit.


Care & Consideration

The Wizard DUO XS Newborn Hire Kit will probably not be brand new but will be in a good, clean, sanitised and hygenic condition, thoroughly washed at every return by The Nappy Lady.

We expect that returned Wizard DUOS will have been used and washed according to our guidelines but not damaged. We do expect some wear and tear of course. On the return of the nappies please do not worry if they are stained as this is common with newborn/breastfed poo. Stains are easily removed by drying them on the line (or even a window ledge) in the sun for a day or two. If any nappies are returned beyond use, the deposit or part of it may not be refunded to cover the cost of a replacement nappy.


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4 Reviews:

Fantastic nappies
11 February 2022  | 

Loved using these nappies. So easy and no leaks. The only problem was that we regularly ran out of inserts washing every other day as newborns poo a lot! An extra 3 inserts and it would have been perfect!

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An excellent introduction to cloth nappies
21 October 2021  | 

I decided to try this newborn hire kit to provide some experience with using a cloth nappy system without the significant expense of buying a whole set. I also had no idea of what I really wanted or needed and there are so many different options. I was very pleased with the Wizard Duos and have ended up buying the Onesize now that my baby has grown out of the XS Duos.

There is an overwhelming amount of information online about cloth nappies and a lot of individual preferences. I decided to go for this system again because it is: a) easy to use; b) fast to dry c) no fuss matching inners and outers (I just throw a few inners and a wrap into my bag and head out the door); d) minimal laundry effort (no folding) e) no leaks. That is pretty much all I need in a nappy.

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A great intro to cloth nappies
20 August 2021  | 

We were excited to get this kit as the Wizard Duo was the solution recommended for us in the questionnaire. Started using them when baby was a week old and have been full time in cloth since three weeks old. There was a bit of a learning curve to master fitting them with no leaks, so might benefit from a “how to fit” video (I could find for the Uno but not Duo). There are enough nappies here to be full time cloth if you wash every day and stay really on top of the changes; one more wrap and a couple of night inserts would have been great just to give us a bit of wriggle room in the laundry routine and avoid overnight leaks as baby got bigger. Baby is now ten weeks old and has pretty much outgrown this size, so we’ll be returning it shortly and investing in the BTP set.

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Newborn hire kit - not sure would hire again
05 August 2021  | 

Positives - hire kit arrived in time ready to use with some clear wash instructions (if you’ve not used cloth before). Nappies are in good condition. When I’ve bought stuff from the site before the communication has always been excellent. Easy to change the microfibre insert in the wrap. Easy to put the nappies on and have fit our little one fine.
Negatives - not enough in kit to use full time. We haven’t been using the kit at night as the microfibre wouldn’t last long enough so have used alternatives to allow fewer changes. Given the recommendation to change a newborn every 2-2.5 hours there aren’t enough nappies in the kit unless you wash every other day and even with 2 kids in the house we don’t generate this much washing to provide a full load every 2 days. Even with a wash every 3rd day I’ve been running out which makes the kit feel quite expensive to hire given it doesn’t cover cloth full time.

In summary if we have anymore kids I’d probably try and source second hand newborn nappies instead.

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