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La Petite Ourse All in One Nappy
La Petite Ourse All in One Nappy
La Petite Ourse All in One Nappy

La Petite Ourse All in One Nappy

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La Petite Ourse All In One Overview

The La Petite Ourse all in one nappy is a simple, economical and budget friendly one size cloth nappy offering superior protection with it's double gusset.

La Petite Ourse (LPO) all in one nappy offers precise adjustment at the waist and the length. It's a generous sized nappy compared to some other brands of reusable nappies and allows it to fit chubbier and taller babies for longer.

The La Petite Ourse is a simpler nappy to use than the LPO pocket nappy as no stuffing is required. However it is much slower drying due to the sewn in absorbency.

The nappy interior is fully lined with a stay dry grey interior liner, which is soft and keeps baby feeling drier. The grey colour nappy interior also helps to minimise stains. The lining fabric is absorbent enough alone for younger babies and light wetters, and the nappy comes with an additional booster to pop in when you need more absorbency.

La Petite Ourse ( aio nappy)  has a double gusset which can help improve poo containment and give you superior protection.  Some people swear by a double gusset whereas many find it doesn't make any difference to containment and find that poo gets stuck into the gusset making cleaning more awkward.  If you'd prefer you can use paper liners inside the nappy to help keep the liner and gusset cleaner, the Bambinex paper liner is the best option.

The reusable nappy comes with a tab inside for you to record their name which is ideal if you use these nappies for childcare.

La Petite Ourse aio is a good quality, great nappy, budget friendly but still a nappy that comes with lots of features.



The La Petite Ourse Nappy fits from 5-16kg (10-35lbs)

The waist fastens with poppers in my favourite vertical popper position. The vertical position holds the tabs firmly in place and minimises wing droop. There is also an additional waist popper on each side to further secure the front panel when the nappy is in the smaller width settings. The tabs also offer a cross over popper option for very narrow babies but this isn't often needed at 10lbs but the option is there.

The nappy length is altered by the four rows x 3 poppers on the front to offer you small, medium and long length and full length allowing, the nappies to grow with your baby.

How do I use it?

At the back of the nappy there is an opening "pocket." Inside this pocket you can see the sewn in absorbency, this sewn in pad holds approx 177ml. 

On top of the staydry lining are two poppers where you attach the additional booster for extra absorption, this booster is also covered in the same grey interior stay dry lining. This second booster holds approx 184ml. 

For a very young baby you would normally use just the sewn in absorbency.

As baby grows you popper in the additional insert. Many people love this flexibility however while the popper in additional insert is not being used this does leave 2 "female" poppers located on top and uncovered and with an explosive liquid pooey nappy there is the chance that poo will work into these poppers and need thorough cleaning to remove.

Read our article for more information and photos on how to adjust one size nappies.


Nappy Fabric

The outer waterproof shell is made from 100% Polyester.

The sewn in nappy absorption is a combination of 25% bamboo and 75% polyester.

The snap in additional absorbency pad is 45% bamboo and 55% polyester

Drying time for the nappy is slow due to the sewn in booster,  the nappy can dry 1-2 days slower than the La Petite Ourse pocket nappy.



La Petite Ourse
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La Petite Ourse
Care & Warranty

La Petite Ourse Care Guide

  • Wash the nappies every 2-3 days. Do not soak or rinse the nappies during this process as they should remain as dry as possible.
  • Rinse with cold water prior to the main wash.
  • Use a regular wash cycle (40 degrees). Do not put too much water in the washing machine.
  • If you have hard water, do not rinse a second time, use a powder detergent instead.
  • Do not use fabric softener or baby detergent.
  • Inserts can be tumble dried occasionally. If you tumble dry the covers be careful not to manipulate them when they are hot.
  • If line drying, keep the nappies away from direct sunlight where possible.

La Petite Ourse Warranty

La Petite Ourse warranty is available for a period of 2 years to the original purchaser from date of purchase. The warranty covers:

  • Popper defects
  • Seams of the nappy (excluding the front and back pocket seams)
  • Delamination of the fabric affecting the efficiency of the nappy

La Petite Ourse Warranty does not cover:

  • Leaks, odours, poor maintenance and normal wear and tear
  • If maintenance has not been done according to the maintenance guide or if the use of soap, cream or ointment has impaired the nappy's efficiency.
  • The elastics have a 6-month limited warranty
La Petite Ourse's decision on any warranty claim is final.
Customer Reviews (8)
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8 Reviews:

Nice nappy
16 December 2022  | 

Good containment, can get 3 hours with this nappy. The options to change the rise are great as you can get it quite small but it does make it bulky so harder to get a good fit, it just needs a little patience. The far button to secure while putting on is also a top button rather than a bottom which I find makes it a little harder to fit quickly. Very cute prints available. Overall I really like this nappy, I would definitely buy more.

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Great quality and fit.
23 May 2022  | 

These all in ones are great when you need to grab something quickly. The inner is charcoal colour which I’ve never used before and there’s a clip in booster to use if needed as well as a pocket at the back so very versatile.

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Great nappy
14 January 2022  | 

This is a great slim nappy! We currently have a small ~5kg baby and these fit her great. Not used the booster yet as getting sufficient duration from the inbuilt pad only. I like the dark coloured material on the inside which is lovely and soft.
I have found that with the pocket feature you can turn the nappy inside out to expose the pad to aid drying time.

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Nice nappy
25 May 2021  | 

This works well, it fits nicely.

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Love them
11 April 2021  | 

I’m new to cloth nappies and wanted something fairly easy to use and not too expensive and most importantly reliable... and I found it!
No leaks yet, they don’t hinder my 9 month olds movement (she’s just taking her first steps. I use them with reusable fleece liners and I’m amazed at how dry she feels with each change. The top of the bamboo liner feels so much dryer than the underneath. I’ve even just changed the booster because the nappy itself wasn’t wet and that was after 2 hours. I love the designs, I wish some of the pocket designs were available on the aio. I like how la petite ourse recommends drying with the tumble dryer, they do take a while to dry (about 2 hours in the dryer) all in all I’m very happy with them ☺️

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Perfect nappy
16 March 2021  | 

I wish I had found these nappies 4 years ago for my firstborn. My second is 17 months old and this is the best nappy I have used. Beautiful pattern, brilliantly absorbent, easy to use and wash, charcoal to hide stains, poppers rather than Velcro. It looks so lovely and slim on my daughter. I love it.

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Love this nappy!
23 November 2020  | 

I ordered a variety of AIO nappies in the sale to test out and, to my surprise, this is by far my favourite! It’s nice and soft and slim fitting, even when boosted, so feels really comfy for my baby.
This is the first nappy I’ve tried where I’ve had absolutely no leaks (my boy is a seriously heavy wetter!). The double gusset is really effective and his skin is sock mark free after a few hours in this nappy.
I am such a fan I’ve purchased 10 more!!

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Beautiful nappy
01 November 2020  | 

Material is lovely. Pattern beautiful. Very comfortable, no leaks

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