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Saalt Cup Wash
Saalt Cup Wash
Saalt Cup Wash
Saalt Cup Wash

Saalt Cup Wash

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Product Details

Saalt Menstrual Cup Wash Overview

Saalt Cup Wash helps you keep a perfect pH and your menstrual cup clean. 

Saalt Cup Wash is perfectly formulated to wash away bacteria (which is what actually causes odour) and protect your skin from residues and irritants. Specifically formulated to clean your Saalt menstrual cup or menstrual disc without soaking or damaging the silicone.

Saalt Cup wash is naturally scented with essential citrus. Think less period, more bouquets of fresh oranges.

What products can Saalt Wash be used with?

Saalt wash can also be used with all other brands of menstrual cups and menstrual discs.

Key Features

No harsh chemicals.
No irritants.
No parabens.
Just lightly foaming happiness

How do I use it?

Directions for use

  1. Wet your hands and menstrual cup and apply saalt cup wash.
  2. Lather and rub over the cup and your hands for 15-30 seconds.
  3. Rinse off both the cup and your hands thorougly
  4. Re-insert the cup while wet if still on your period, or leave the cup out to air dry and store later.

Bottle Size

Contains 118ml of Saalt Menstrual Cup Wash


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