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Saalt are a market leading company making the ultra popular best selling Saalt Soft menstrual cup. Saalt also make stunning, reliable and amazing quality period pants as part of their Saalt Wear range. At the Period Lady we are delighted to be the first company in the UK to offer you both their menstural cup and period wear. Try them we know you'll LOVE them!

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Saalt Duo Original and Soft Cup

Saalt - Period Care Simplified

Saalt are an amazing brand with every product in their range being incredibly popular. Saalt cups have been described as modern period magic and often the first cup, the one cup and the last cup you'll ever need. Once inserted correctly you won't be able to feel the cup and can go about your day with zero worries.

With all Saalt cups and discs they come with a carry bag for you to store the cup while not in use.

Saalt menstrual Cups

The Saalt journey started with the original Saalt Cup.

The Saalt menstrual cup is an excellent shape for the vast majority of women and copes well with a range of period flow.

Saalt also developed the Saalt soft cup for ladies who need a softer cup if they got irritation with firmer cups. Saalt soft cup is possible the most comfortable menstrual cup there is. 

Some people find that they need a larger cup at the start of their period and a smaller cup towards the end. Saalt cup make a duo kit so you have a second smaller cup for the end of your cycle. The duo kit saves you some money on buying a second cup.

Saalt menstrual Discs

Next to be created was the Saalt menstrual disc designed to worn internally but allows for mess free period sex.

All their products are made from medical grade silicone.

Small and Large Sizes

Saalt cups and Saalt discs come in two sizes. Regular is suitable for normal to heavy flow. Whereas the small cup is better for light to normal flow.

Saalt Period Pants - Saalt Wear

We're delighted to be the first company in the UK to offer you not only the ultra popular Saalt Soft cup, Saalt Cup regular but also Saalt period pants as part of the Saalt Wear range. You'll be delighted in the quality of all the fabulous Saalt menstrual products.