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Saalt Menstrual Period Disc
Saalt Menstrual Period Disc
Saalt Menstrual Period Disc
Saalt Menstrual Period Disc
Saalt Menstrual Period Disc
Saalt Menstrual Period Disc

Saalt Menstrual Period Disc

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Saalt Menstrual Disc Overview

Saalt Menstural Disc has a similar concept to the Saalt menstrual cups. Both can be worn internally, they collect blood and period flow, can be worn for up to 8 hours. A menstrual disc however allows for sexual penetration while it's being worn (more on this later.)

Sallt disc has a unique ridge to place your finger that can help with removal of a menstrual disc The custom finger notch makes removal a breeze and makes the Saalt menstrual disc possibly the easiest reusable disc to insert and remove. The Saalt Disc is a great option if you have a high cervix, bladder sensitivities or a week pelvic floor. If you have a IUD then you can also use a disc because it doesn't use suction to keep it in place

A Menstrual Disc, however, doesn't stay in place using suction. It is held in place by your pubic bone. This means that if you have found menstrual cups uncomfortable, then this could work for you.

Menstrual discs are ideal if you have a weak pelvic floor, those with bladder sensitivities, or a low or high cervix. Menstrual discs, typically, have a higher capacity to so it is a great option of you have heavier periods.



The Saalt Disc comes in two sizes.

The Regular Saalt Disc is suitable for those with a high cervix or heavy periods. If you've had trouble with previous cups then we would recommend this one.

The Small Saalt Menstrual Disc is suitable for those with lower cervix and light-regular periods. Its suitable for teens or young adults.


  Diameter Volume
Saalt Disc Regular 66mm 50ml
Saalt Disc Small 56mm 30ml

How do I use Saalt Discs?


Menstrual Disc Materials

The Saalt Disc is made of 100% Medical grade silicone and free from BPA and latex.


These Saalt Disc packs Includes one cup + one carry bag.
Mess Free Period Sex

So how does the Saalt disc UK make “period sex” possible?

Unlike tampons, pads and menstrual cups, the Saalt disk doesn't stay in the middle of the vagina canal instead they fit above the vaginal canal, right below the cervix. This higher position keeps the canal free for penetrative sex. As you can imagine, that makes all the difference. Your partner won’t even notice the disc is there. No more worrying about “that time of the month” getting in the way of romance. Wave goodbye to the old days, and say hello to a better sex life and a leak free period.


Saalt Wear Back Up

If you like to have back up protection for your menstrual cups and menstrual discs look at Saalt Wear Period Pants. Saalt makes period pants sexy!

The Saalt Cup Story

The Saalt story  begins with Cherie,  the CEO and co-founder. She has a period and 5 daughters. You could say, she gets period care. Saalt started with a phone call Cherie made to an aunt in Venezuela, where pads and tampons had not been available in stores for years. She immediately thought of her daughters and what she would do if she found herself in the same situation. The dependence she and others had on disposables kept her up at night. Three months later, Cherie was sourcing reusable menstrual pads for hundreds of friends. (These kinds of things are Cherie’s idea of a hobby. Not joking.) When she went to source a bulk order of menstrual cups, she couldn’t find one that met her ideal criteria. So she started custom designing her idea of the perfect cup. Hand sketched drawings turned into fourteen design iterations, and in February of 2018, Saalt launched with the Saalt Cup and the vision of making cleaner, more sustainable period care accessible to everyone. Why is the company called Saalt? The name Saalt represents something that is natural and essential for our bodies. We believe the best approach to period care should be just as natural, distinct, simple, and elemental.  



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2 Reviews:

Life changing
30 April 2024  | 

I have always had awful periods. Pads are never up to the job and I can't get on with Tampax. So I decided to give this a try. I couldn't believe the difference! It took a couple of goes but once I got the hang of how to place it I was amazed. I had a lovely mess free weekend away with my partner and was able to sleep away from home without worrying. Can't believe I didn't try this sooner!

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20 November 2023  | 

Much easier & better than a menstrual cup in my experience

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