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Happy Nappy Wetsuit by Splash About
Happy Nappy Wetsuit by Splash About
Happy Nappy Wetsuit by Splash About

Happy Nappy Wetsuit by Splash About

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Happy Nappy Wetsuit Overview

The Happy Nappy Wetsuit is the perfect choice for baby swimming combining the warmth of a neoprene wetsuit with the reassurance of the award winning Happy Nappy. It is the only swim outfit your baby will need.

The wetsuit covers the core of baby's body whilst the 3/4 length sleeves leave little hands free to play and splash. The integrated Happy Nappy leaves legs unrestricted to allow babies to kick and swim.

The Happy Nappy Wetsuit comes with a neck to waist zip at the back to help make changing easier.


Why is the Splash About Happy Nappy the best?

The famous award winning Happy Nappy by Splash About is the most reliable swim nappy and baby swimwear in the world. Insisted upon by swim schools including water babies swim school lessons and by pool owners worldwide. The Happy Nappy swim nappies gives a leak free swim and helps protect other babies and swimmers from faecal leaks into the water.

The Happy Nappy swim nappies offers reliable faecal leak protection and superior poo containment compared to disposable swim nappies.  Little accidents will be a thing of the past and no need to use a disposable swim nappy again once you have your neoprene nappy!

Happy Nappy is the best reusable neoprene swim nappy, other brands have tried to copy but the Happy Nappy is the original design and still the best.

The super soft neoprene Happy Nappy is shaped into two back pieces, which cup the baby’s bottom. These are held securely in place by a gusset, whilst specialist waist and leg fabric grips comfortably yet snugly to your child’s body. Ensuring that no matter how they move and twist in the water there is gaping. The front rib of the Happy Nappy is designed to roll gently down under the tummy button to form a seal against the neoprene. The Happy Nappy fits snugly at the legs giving a leak proof leg.

Splash About swim nappy is an ergonomically form fitting nappy to be secure yet comfortable no matter how hard they play and kick in the water. There is a reason UK swim schools ask for the famous Happy Nappy!

The Happy Nappy is unique, and in my opinion the best swim nappy ON THE MARKET because of the Happy Nappy ribbing around the thighs and tummy which will contain both solids or semi solids.  This is a very simple yet effective design, with no ties,Velcro,or elastic necessary, the Happy Nappy simply pulls on and off. This is the ONLY SWIM NAPPY I HAVE COMPLETE FAITH IN no poo is escaping this one!



Small 0-4 Months

Medium 3-8 Months

Large 6-14 Months

XL 12-24 Months


How do I use the Splash About Happy Nappy Wetsuit System?

The 3 Parts of the Splash About Happy Nappy Wetsuit System:

  • Outer Layer Happy Nappy Wetsuit -  The Happy Nappy Wetsuit is made of 1mm supple, stretchy neoprene and finished with super soft, snug fitting, deep bands of rib fabric with a high rubber content. The Happy Nappy Wetsuit can be used on its own but for complete confidence and ease of cleaning up 'little accidents', use with the inner wrap (described below). The Happy Nappy Wetsuit is the main barrier against leaks.
  • Inner Happy Nappy Wrap - Is a lovely soft adjustable wrap made of traditional swimwear material. The nappy wrap is your first layer baby wears to protect against leaks and holds the paper liner secure inside. The wrap IS NOT suitable for baby to wear on its own, most baby swimming schools insist on the use of this layer as well.

      - Alternatively you can still use a disposable swim nappy underneath the Happy Nappy however we would encourage you to avoid the use of disposable swim nappies as they can absorb too much water from the swimming pool plus have environmental and financial impacts. The cost of disposable swim nappies soon mounts up if you take baby swimming regularly.

  • Optional Paper Liner -This is placed inside the inner wrap and is used to make removing solids easier. Bambinex Paper Liners are the only paper liners I stock which are suitable for use with a swim nappy.


After use simply rinse. If required the Happy Nappy Wetsuit can be washed in the washing machine as well.

Happy Nappy Wetsuit Fabric

Supple soft 1mm thick Neoprene

Want to know more about baby swimming?

Visit our advice article baby swimming nappies.







Splash About
Splash About
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