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Wuka Period Swimsuit- Light/medium Flow
Wuka Period Swimsuit- Light/medium Flow
Wuka Period Swimsuit- Light/medium Flow

Wuka Period Swimsuit- Light/medium Flow

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  • Light flow to medium flow days
  • Up to 2 tampons worth

Wuka Period Swimming Costume Overview

WUKA Period Swimsuit is the perfect period-proof one-piece swimming costurme you can wear to the swimming pool, the beach or even in a hot tub. 

The Wuka period swimwear costume removed the need for tampons, or menstrual cups.  Be confident in leak free period proof swimwear.

WUKA Period Swimwear looks and feels just like regular swimwear however it comes with an attached ultra absorbent liner. Designed for performance, so you can move through the water with less resistance. The one piece period swimming costume comes with padded cups and a diamond back cut.  There is modest front and rear coverage. The period swimwear is flattering to all bodytypes.

Made for your light flow to medium flow days, but not heavy days.
Wuka swimming pants holds up to 2 tampons worth of menstrual flow. It's important to remember they should only be used for a light period and light menstrual flow. On your heavier days you would need to use a tampon or menstrual cup and could wear the period swim pants as a back up.

Extender Wear Time Warning

Period swimwear is designed to absorb your menstrual blood while you are swimming and are fabulous to wear for your regular swim, swimming lessons etc. However they are not designed to be your sole source of all-day protection. When you need to wear the costume for an extended period such as a day at the pool, beach or a waterpark you can't wear just the one costume all day without the risk of leaking. Why? The swimsuit will also absorb pool water, and if you've been wearing the costume for an extended time it will also have absorbed blood so when you come back to sit on your sun lounger, beach towel or queue up for a ride there is a real risk that the excess water that drips or is squeezed out as you sit will be tinged red with blood.
So what do you do for all day wear?
I'd recommend you have two costumes so you can change throughout the day. How frequently you need to change costumes will depend on how heavy your flow is and how often you are in the water. This might be every 30 minutes or every 2 hours. When you go to change, wipe yourself clean as much as possible, put on your new costume then rinse the worn costume until the water runs clear. Then dry the used costume in the sun or in a towel until you may need to change the costume again. A dark or black towel to wrap around yourself or sit on when you get out of the pool would be better than a white or lightly coloured towel. You may also consider a menstrual cup or disc for heavier flow days, with the period swimwear providing additional protection against leaks.


Size UK Size Universal Bust Waist Hips
6-8 XS 75-80 60-65 85-90
8-10 S 80-85 65-70 90-95


How do I use it?

Period proof swimwear is very popular with teenagers either swimming for fun or competitively.

After swimming remove the swim suit and wash as normal and then wear their usual daytime period protection.


The outer material isn't like the rest of the WUKA period products range instead it is a water repellent swimming costume material.


WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass and their mission is to create the world's most comfortable and eco friendly period underwear. 


WUKA Period Pants
WUKA Period Pants
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