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Wuka Teen Stretch Period Pants- Heavy Flow
Wuka Teen Stretch Period Pants- Heavy Flow
Wuka Teen Stretch Period Pants- Heavy Flow
Wuka Teen Stretch Period Pants- Heavy Flow

Wuka Teen Stretch Period Pants- Heavy Flow

£14.99  VAT Free
Product Details


  • Heavy Flow
  • Holds up to 20ml
  • Equivalent to 4 tampons
  • Equivalent to 3 day pads
  • Multi size period pants - ideal for raising fast growing teens
  • Designed to offer maximum period protection

Wuka Teen Stretch Seamless Collection Overview

The new WUKA Teen Stretch Seamless Heavy Flow Period Pants have been a sell out success. The seamless multi size period pants are designed to grow with your child up to 3 sizes. The innovative stretch and the unique inner gusset that expands bi-directionally for a comfortable, leak-free custom fit.

The Teen Stretch Seamless Heavy Flow have been designed to copy with heavy periods but still has a narrow gusset for a more snug and comfortable fit for younger growing bodies.

The new Teen Stretch™ keeps teens dry, secure and odour-free for up to 10 hours. If you're on your heavier day then you may need to change more often.

Stretch seamless heavy flow can be worn as a complete replacement for pads and tampons and are designed for a heavy period, they can absorb 20ml (which is the equvilent to 4 tampons).

Cost Effective

WUKA Teen Stretch™ pants are an affordable, comfy eco-friendly solution designed to last for up to 2 years and fit up to 3 sizes meaning less expense, waste and one less thing to worry about!


The Teen stretch comes in 2 different sizes:

  • XS-Small- fits from age 8-12
  • Sml-Large Fits from 12-16

Teen Stretch™ is designed for young tweens and teens aged 8 - 16 navigating their first periods. Ideal for the first period or as their bodies grow through puberty right up to young adults.

Embarrassment Free

No more awkward moments, period emergencies or leaky disasters.

Designed to completely replace pads and tampons, WUKA Teen Stretch™ pants can be worn for up to 12 hours so tweens and teens can carry on with school, sports and whatever else they do for fun on their period- with nothing holding them back.


  • HANDWASH: After use, rinse with cold water.
  • MACHINE WASH Cold: Pop your WUKA with similar, dark coloured garments and wash at 30 to 40 degrees. Don't use fabric softener. (We also recommend washing any WUKAs with mesh or lace in a wash bag. This will help prolong the life and the strength of the mesh.)
  • LINE DRY: Air dry your WUKA Period Pants outside on the line or indoors on an airer. Wuka pants don't like tumble drying!


Features CoolMax™ Absorbent Technology fabric in the gusset for fast absorption, fast-drying, odour-protective moisture-wicking gusset.


WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass and their mission is to create the world's most comfortable and eco friendly period underwear. 


WUKA Period Pants
WUKA Period Pants
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