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Whizzer Strap

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Whizzer Strap Overview

Whizzer silicone straps are the ideal way to carry your Whizzer on bags, buggys, scooters and anything else you can think of! Whizzer straps fit both the Kids Whizzer and the Adult Whizzer.

They have multiple holes so that you can adjust the loop size. The fit is so snug they can even hang from the bobble ends without having to wrap it round.

Whizzer straps are also areat way to carry the spout separately if you don't have a bag on you and the whizzer is full. If you have the glow in the dark whizzer a strap allows it to soak up as much light as possible to use once dark.


Strap Length

Full strap length is 30cm

Whizzer Materials

High grade silicone (BPA free /  FDA approved)



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