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Whizzer Big Kids / Adult Portable Toilet
Whizzer Big Kids / Adult Portable Toilet
Whizzer Big Kids / Adult Portable Toilet
Whizzer Big Kids / Adult Portable Toilet

Whizzer Big Kids / Adult Portable Toilet

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Whizzer Big Kids / Adults Portable Toilet Overview

This page is for the Whizzer Big Kids / Adults size, we also stock the Whizzer Kids, you will find this size on this Page.

Whizzer Big Kids/Adults is a brilliant portable eco toilet for wees! It's innovative design is the perfect on the move solution, camping, festivals when someone needs a wee and there aren't any toilets!

The ergonomic design of the soft silicone spout is specially designed to mould around both girls' and boys' bodies for ultimate comfort.

The highest part of the spout should always be at the front to maintain privacy (which also helps with boy's unpredictable aim) while the rest scoops beneath the body to seal the area which is intended to ensure girls can have a mess free experience too.

The Whizzer is incredibly well designed and fits easily into your bag, the buggy or a car glovebox.

Whizzer provides an eco-friendly alternative to using plastic products or the awkward and embarrassing public urination option.

Key Features

  • Detachable spout suitable for males and females
  • Compact
  • Quick construction in 2 simple steps
  • Leakproof
  • Moulds to user's body
  • Designed to give privacy

How to use

how to use whizzer step by step instructions



Whizzer Capacity

Big Kids / Adults  holds 500ml

Kids hold 250ml  and is available here.


Whizzer Size

The Adult Whizzer is collapsible for easy storage.

When in its small storage state, it folds down in the middle to be the same 12cm in height as the original Kids Whizzer but when it is pulled out, it grows to 17cm.


Whizzer Materials

High grade silicone material (BPA free / FDA approved)

Free from other harmful toxic elements.


Also available are Whizzer Straps for attaching it to your bag and Whizzer waterproof bags for storage. Shop the full Whizzer range at The Nappy Lady.



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