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Baba + Boo

Baba + Boo is our customers favourite pocket nappy that we stock at The NappyLady. Baba and Boo is a beautifully made reusable nappy, fabulous modern prints and all this at at economical price.

Baba + Boo Getting Started


Baba and Boo

Baba and Boo make modern cloth nappies. They are simple to use, quick and easy to change and come in stylist designs which are soft and look fabulous on the bum.

Babo Boo One Size Pocket Nappy

Baba + Boo birth to potty nappy is an all round good quality nappy that provides a good fit for the vast majority of babies and all this offered at a great value price. The waist on the one size is simple to adjust using poppers giving you a snug and secure fit. The length of the nappy is also adjustable and has three easy to alter length settings. It is a fabulous pocket nappy choice and very popular stash for families expecting their first baby. No need to use disposables when you have a Baba + Boo nappy system.

Baba + Boo Accessories

Babo + Boo make a lovely range of nappy wet bag accessories made with the same PUL as the nappies. They make nappy bags available in many different sizes suitable for whatever your need. If you are breast feeding they also make reusable breast pads accessories.

Babo + Boo Design

The inside of Baba and Boo cloth nappies is fleece lined.  The fleece lining creates a pocket or pouch which gives rise to the nappy name. The fleece lining also helps to keep baby's skin feeling dry.

Each pocket nappy comes with two inserts made of bamboo offering you flexible absorbency. As baby gets older if your toddler needs further absorbency you can add an extra booster, we sell the Baba Boo boosters separately should you need one. The one size pocket nappy give you an internal double gusset. The double gusset helps to increase poo containment.

While it is a great nappy please remember that it is a day time nappy and not suitable for night time.

Newborn Size Nappy

As well as their famous one size nappy a newborn Velcro fastening nappy is also available. The newborn nappies are made with the same soft fleece lining inside. While the nappy is called newborn realistically it fits up to 18lbs which to us makes it more a size 1 nappy as it's still quite large on a tiny newborn. As long as you're prepared it will be bigger and more bulky than a true newborn size 0 nappy the Baba Boo newborn makes a great pocket nappy that fits for approximately 9 months. Remember this nappy is still not designed to wear at night.

Washing Baba Boo

Once worn a pocket nappy needs to be taken off baby and all parts washed. While the bamboo inserts might only be wet from wee it's important to still change the waterproof pocket outer as well as the inserts.  Baby is changed and will wear a clean pocket nappy.

Baba and Boo nappies you can wash up to 60deg.  It is best to air dry them but the inserts can be tumble dried on low if you need to.