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Disana Luxury Bed Protectors
Disana Luxury Bed Protectors

Disana Luxury Bed Protectors

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Disana Bed Protectors Overview

Disana Organic Bed Protectors are amazing luxury quality and the very best on the market and essential for toilet training.

Beautiful double thickness fabric are the perfect alternative to nasty sweaty plastic undersheets I remember from being a kid!

The double layer of cotton on the outside means that liquid will be absorbed and drawn away from the baby in the case of a nappy leak. The Disana mattress protector is not fitted which allows the mattress to breathe.

Disana waterproof mattress protector also provides an anti allergy barrier to protect against dustmites and can also be used as a changing mat or a practical waterproof cover for breastfeeding in a lying position.

The waterproof mattress protector sheet is extremely hard wearing and can be washed at up to 90C (dust mites are killed at 57C)


  • Change Mat/Pram 50x70cm
  • Cot Bed Protector 70x90cm

Change bags often come with a matching change pad these days. They are usually nasty little cold plastic things which you can only wipe down, not wash. They’re either the right size and bulky when folded down, or slimline when folded and a silly size when opened out. Cold surfaces tend to make babies wee and boys especially are experts at "bounce wees" which tend to `ricochet` off hard plastic surfaces.

The change mat folds down really neatly to fit in your nappy bag, but opens out to a very generous 50cm x 70cm and if it gets soiled, it goes in the wash at 60 with the nappies.

Mattress Protector Material

Disana's mattress protector is waterproof due to a thin layer of non-toxic food grade polyurethane encased between two layers of thick brushed organic cotton.  


Disana's bed protectors are the closest we have to the Lieglind bed protectors we used to stock. Liegelind unfortunately ceased to trade in Aug 2011 and their products are no longer available. Disana mats are identical.

For more information on change mats

Read our advice article on baby changing mats.

Guide to Choosing Bed Protectors

Read our blog to learn more about choosing a bed protector


Organic cotton and PUL
Made In
Customer Reviews (11)
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11 Reviews:

Disana luxury bed protector
14 February 2024  | 

Efficient and professional service. Kept up to date with delivery. Am now ready for all the grandchildren to stay with peace of mind about those little mishaps in the night.

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Very Useful
26 December 2021  | 

Got for my eldest (4 years old) so he can stop wearing a nappy to bed. Overall the mat is a little stiff* but soft enough to sleep on. Washes well and dries fairly quickly.

*my reason for giving 4 stars

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10 December 2021  | 

Soft to the touch and just the right size this is perfect for lying on top of on the mattress, already planning on buying another so I can rotate one in the wash

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bed protector
11 August 2021  | 

Very happy with this item. It performs as described and the Nappy Lady service was fast and efficient as usual.

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great mattress protector
18 January 2021  | 

yet another use for the cotton mattress protector - we've had a few for more than ten years now. Little ones as changing mats and cot protection when we had a baby, and still one on the bed now for the very occasional accidents / nose bleeds etc.. we have one in the car to protect the seat from the wet dog, and now two more bought for my dad after an operation that leaves him with a stoma - two very happy grandparents :o) the pads are so nice to have on the bed and provide complete protection for the mattress with no sweaty/ plasticy/ noisy downsides. in fact you could have the pad above the sheet and wouldn't really notice it. Soft, infinitely washable, small to fold away when not in use, they're great!

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Luxury Bed/cot/pram protector
01 May 2020  | 

A lovely product - soft and comfy.

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Protects very well
16 April 2020  | 

I have been using it in the sofa if my toilet trained toddler falls asleep... and it has saved the sofa numerous times, which is fab! When ready, I will use them at night with my girls.

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28 October 2019  | 

This is such a fantastic product for keeping bed clean when Co-sleeping/ side-lying breastfeeding, just wish I had come across it sooner! I had been using a towel which wasn’t very effective! Could now do with a second whilst this one is in the wash.

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Great little changing mat.
12 July 2019  | 

I keep this in my baby's changing bag and use it to change baby on rather than putting him directly on a less than clean public bathroom changing station.

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Gorgeous practicality
30 December 2018  | 

These are really soft and wash well. I use them in our bed for baby but also used them during pregnancy and they were great when my waters broke. Not crinkly/noisy

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Perfect and so soft
10 April 2018  | 

I bought the bed protectors for my 2yo who is dry a lot of nights, but we get occasional bed wetting when she is teething or poorly.
The protectors are amazing! We’ve had a couple of accidents so far and it’s not even touched the mattress protector under, let alone getting through to the mattress itself. Even though we bought the medium size protector, it covers the area that would be wet and it is easy to wash and quick drying, considering the weather has been cold and we have been drying indoors. We bought 2 so we would have at least one available should the other be in the wash.

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