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Duvet & Pillow Protectors by Hippychick
Duvet & Pillow Protectors by Hippychick

Duvet & Pillow Protectors by Hippychick

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Hippychick Bedding Protectors Overview

Most people think to protect their mattresses with flat or fitted mattress protectors however it's easy to forget about protecting your duvets and pillows.

There is nothing more frustrating than having to wash duvets and pillows after accidents during potty training or illness. I've always found it hard to get them into the average washing machine for a start and then you seem to be washing all day with a sheets wash, duvet wash and then a pillow wash - that's a lot of washing!

Then I discovered bedding protectors and my day long bedding washing was over! Hippychick waterproof protectors are ideal for every eventuality and perfect for camping and travelling, as well as everyday use at home.

They also serve as an anti allergy barrier protects against dust mites which are a major cause of hayfever and asthma.

Pillow & Duvet Protectors Fabric

The Hippychick Pillow and Duvet protectors are both made from high quality jersey fabric. They are both lightweight and soft to the touch making them lovely and comfortable and no rustling plastic sheets.

  • 50% cotton and 50% polyester mix)
  • Plus a layer of waterproof polyurethane.


  • Pillow Protector 50 x75cm
  • Cot Bed 120 x 150cm
  • Single 135 x 200cm
  • Double 200 x 200cm

Pillow Protectors

A french fold means that they will fit comfortably and snugly over your pillow.

Hippychick Duvet Protector

The Hippychick Duvet Protectors are discreet, breathable and suitable for light to medium incontinence.


Machine washable at 30° and should be line dried.



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4 Reviews:

10 November 2017  | 

I got pillow and duvet protectors. The pillow protectors are brill, you barely know they're there. The duvet protector can make the bed awfully sweaty- probably because it's waterproof. I'm just giving my little girl blankets that I can wash easily for now.

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My tip for washing duvet protector
28 January 2015  | 

My 3 yr old wets her bed about once every fortnight. She kicks her duvet while sleeping, so she tends to wet her duvet, too! After some trials and errors, I stick to this method.

I always zip up the duvet protector before I pop it into the washing machine. Otherwise, water gets stuck inside the protector, creates a huge 'water ball' and your washing machine makes lots of banging noise. After the wash, I remove other items, ie. linen. I unzip the protector and get rid of water as much as possible. I put the protector (unzipped) back in the machine and run the spin cycle again. I sometimes include the flat mattress protector in this second spin cycle, as it's usually still wet.

I line dry poly/cotton outer side first. Once poly/cotton side is dry, I reverse the protector to line dry smooth plastic side. Plastic side gets dry much quicker.

I hope my post makes sense!

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Does what you need it to
16 January 2014  | 

Bought one of these to protect from accidents and it does the job. Thin and not too crinkly, it is soft and washes well.

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Great product: no more wet pillows!
24 April 2013  | 

I didn't realise that PILLOW protectors were available, so when our son wet our feather pillows accidentally, I'd been washing them. Fed up with the smell of wet duck lingering around the house, I was REALLY pleased when i discovered that as well as mattress protectors, the Nappy Lady now sold Pillow Protectors. As with my previous mattress protector (great product, sadly discontinued) the pillow protector is in nice, soft material and does not rustle. The pillow zips securely inside it. I think that *possibly* it means the pillow is a little more sweaty to lie on, but it hasn't stopped my son from enjoying a good night's sleep. We've not had the ultimate test yet, but I'm confident in the products that the Nappy Lady sells and would trust her judgement every time .

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