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Baby Changing Mats

Do you need a baby changing mat?

While some parents use a blanket or a towel for baby to lie on while changing, a clean wipe-out changing mat can prove an amazing blessing for some. It is possible to select several different mat styles including basic cheap models, portable models, travel and luxurious styles.

Should you change baby on the floor?

Yes absolutely you can change baby on the floor and it's often recommended by safety specialists and paediatricians as there is no chance of baby falling. Some parents however find that their toddlers try to fight nappy changing or try to escape as on the floor they can see an escape route. In these cases changing on a raised surface can remove the fight however never leave baby unattended.

Is a changing table necessary?

Are changing tables really needed? No, you do not necessarily require any sort of official change table. This is why other options have been provided here. You can quickly convert a dresser to the changing table using a changing table.

How long does a baby use a changing mat?

You will use your changing mat from birth until potty training. Using a washable changing mat will save you a lot of money compared to using the disposable change mats you can buy in the supermarket.

Do you need an anti roll changing mat?

The anti roll changing mat keeps the baby safe until the new baby can be secure into his or her clean nappies. Anti roll changing mats are sometimes called wedge change mats because they have wedge-shaped edges. The wedge changing mat prevents any sideways rolls, the baby will not roll.

Should I put towel on changing mat?

If you have a plastic baby changing mat you don't have to add a fabric layer but it will make the surface softer and warmer for baby to lie on. This can help minimise accidents as I often found the shock of the cold made my boys wee while on the changing mat.  I loved the absorbent flat change mats below as they quickly absorbed any nappy change time accidents.

£17.95  -  £48.50
£18.99  -  £28.99

How do you get baby poop out of changing mat?

Ensure you clean your changing mat thoroughly after every use to avoid contamination. If baby did wee while on the mat, first, wipe off any excess urine and dripping urine. Wipe clean the mats with warm soapy water will keep them clean and give a final spray of anti-bacterial spray. Wash any fabric towelling or baby mats with your usual detergent and consider adding a nappy sanitiser to the wash for heavy poo accidents.

What other baby essentials do you need at your changing station?

Changing Mats for Out and About

If you're away from home, we have travel changing mats that are ideal for being used at impromptu moments - they can fold up to fit into your bag, or kept at the bottom of your pushchair for the perfect on-the-go changing mat. If storage is crtical for you, we have mats that include cases for your baby wipes.