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Little Lamb Nappy Fasteners
Little Lamb Nappy Fasteners

Little Lamb Nappy Fasteners

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What is a Little Lamb Nappy Fastener?

A safe alternative to a nappy pin. The Little Lamb Nappy Fastener pack contains 3 nappy fasteners.

A Little Lamb Nappy Fastener is their own brand version of the famous Nappi Nippa. It's a plastic T-shaped grip used instead of pins on traditional Terry Nappies, Little Lamb Nippa Nappy, muslins or flats.

How to use a Nappy Fastener?

  1. Simply hook one claw into the fabric roughly over one thigh (while holding the nappy together with the other hand), 
  2. S-t-r-e-t-c-h the nippa over to the other thigh and catch the claw into the loops of the fabric there, 
  3. Pull the centre claw down to catch at the fabric between the legs. 

The resulting grip should be Y shaped if it has enough tension.

Read our article "how to use a terry nappy" and our "ultimate terry nappy folding guide" if you're planning on using folded nappies.

Benefits of Nappy Fasteners

Little Lamb nappy fasteners are much faster to use than nappy pins. Theyprovide a nicely balanced secure fasteningwhich gives the nappies they are used with a high degree of containment. You have total adjustability both up-down as well as left-right, it is hard to beat the fit that they offer.

Are there any fabrics they are not suitable for?

They are not suitable for use with flannelette or with stretch terry nappies such as the Motherease range




Little Lamb
Customer Reviews
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8 Reviews:

Very grippy
27 June 2023  | 

These are much better than my snappis - they were recommended for use with preflats as I couldn't get them to stay done up & these are great! I would definitely recommend


Just what I needed
26 December 2021  | 

Just started using Terry Squares and these nippers are perfect. Great that it comes as a pack of 3 as it means I can have them in a few places round the house (and don't need to go hunting upstairs for one leaving 3 children under 5 downstairs to get up to mischief!)

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Super spikey!
15 November 2021  | 

We have found these grip better on terries than the 'nippa' brand however they are a little too spikey for us on muslins with certain folds.

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Work on bamboo terries
22 August 2021  | 

These nippas have sharp teeth and manage to keep our bamboo terries in place at night, better than another brand we use.

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Strong and do the job
19 May 2021  | 

Kept nappy really strong when tested.

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Easy to use
02 March 2021  | 

First time using these and really easy to use. Hold nappy in place fine

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Easy when you get the hang of it
29 April 2020  | 

These are the first Nippas we’ve used and they are brill. I think they may potentially have sharper/longer spikes on the grabber parts than other brands but this isn’t an issue once you learn how to carefully remove them from a wriggly baby! The bottom one can be seen protruding a little bit through a little lambs wrap - more so on a plain wrap rather than patterned. We use with Bubblebubs B.I.G and little lamb bamboo nippa nappies - a bit easier to use on the little lambs as they have loopier fabric to grab onto.

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Brilliant value
16 April 2019  | 

Bought to replace my very old snappi nappy fasteners. I was a bit concerned these wouldn’t be as good as the more expensive Nappi Nippas. However, as a fan of Little Lamb, I decided to try them. I have not been disappointed. Very robust and brilliant nappy fasteners for my Bumbles.

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