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Baby BeeHinds Hemp Fitted
Baby BeeHinds Hemp Fitted
Baby BeeHinds Hemp Fitted

Baby BeeHinds Hemp Fitted

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Product Details

Nappy Overview

The original Baby BeeHinds nappy is made from their custom milled Hemp/Organic Cotton fleece fabric, these nappies are fitted to contour your baby's shape where it matters for a snug fit all round. 

Choose Hemp for excellent absorbency along with all natural fibres! 

  • Adjustable absorbency with two Hemp Fleece inserts included
  • Superior absorbency so great for nights, long journeys & day time
  • Exceptional breathability being 100% natural fibres 
  • Hemp is a stronger fabric than bamboo, so is longer lasting & more resilient to acidic wee. 
  • Great coverage & served edged keep poo- spolsions contained! 



They fit the average baby through from birth to toddler 10-35lbs, however very solid and tall toddlers may outgrow them earlier than a toddler of average height and weight.

How do I use it?

These Fitted nappies do require a waterproof cover to make them waterproof. Each nappy includes two hemp inserts, 1 long, 1 short that can be snapped into the front or back snaps & give you the ability to customise absorbency as your baby grows.

Hemp Fitteds can be dried in the dryer on LOW - this will also keep them softer. Hemp Fleece can also be prone to piling of the fabric during the initial prewashes. This is not a fault of the fabric, and any piling should stop after the initial prewashes.

Nappy Fabric

100% Natural Fibres (55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton) 

Hemp is grown without pesticides & are highly renewable resources

Any natural fibres will dry a little stiffer than man-made materials,   but like a pair of freshly washed jeans they soften up quickly with body warmth from your bub, a quick scrunch on your hands or a quick blast in the dryer on low.


Baby BeeHinds
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Baby BeeHinds
Care & Warranty

Baby Beehinds Care Guide - Nappies


  • Baby Beehinds WOOL follow the care instructions on this link as wool is cared for differently to nappies
  • Prewash nappies twice before first use
  • Wash every 2-3 days
  • Run a rinse/Prewash nappies before your main wash cycle
  • Use a full dose of detergent according to your detergent packaging for heavily soiled items
  • No harsh stain removers or bleach.
  • Wash at 40-60 degrees
  • Do not overload your washing machine aim for 3/4 full when wet.
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency.
  • Max wash temperature 60 degrees.
  • Ideally line dry or occasionally tumble dry on cool.


Baby Beehinds Warranty

Baby Beehinds offer a 6 month warranty from date of purchase not date of first use.  If you believe you have a faulty product then contact The Nappy Lady with details of the fault and photos and we will liaise with Baby Beehinds so they can assess your warranty claim.

Baby Beehinds product guarantee covers:
Fabric components of nappies and covers

Guarantee is valid for original purchaser only.

The Baby Beehinds product guarantee does NOT cover:

  • leaking (except as related to a manufacturing defect)
  • mis-care (care instructions provided with each purchase are to be followed precisely, or warranty is void)
  • wear and tear (pilling, loss of fluff over time, gradual slackening of elastic over time, delamination, thinning of fabric over time etc.)
  • Elastic deterioration in nappies older than 6 months
  • Any product purchased that specifically says no warranty or exchange on that particular product. Any possible faults will be disclosed in the product page in this circumstance. 

Baby Beehinds decision on any warranty claim is final.

Customer Reviews (2)
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2 Reviews:

Super soft and absorbent
08 June 2020  | 

These are by far the softest inserts we have. The have plenty of room to contain the biggest explosions and are highly absorbent (and slow drying as a result). We use them with thin reusable fleece liners (Little Lamb) for dry feel against baby’s skin and cover with AirFlows, never had a leak with this combo! Highly recommended for heavy wetters, can be boosted with bamboo liners for nighttime.

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Love these nappies!
05 September 2019  | 

I'm so happy to see The Nappy Lady is carrying Baby Beehinds! I was given these nappies as hand-me-downs to try out using cloth nappies. I thought I would hate using cloth, but once I started using these the benefits were obvious. I didn't experience any more poop leaks when we were out places, which was a constant problem no matter what disposables I tried. I stopped having to use sudocreme on my baby's bottom, as she didn't experience any more nappy rash once using these. They are so easily adjustable, and very absorbent, so I'm not having to do as many changes as I would with disposables. They are obviously durable, as the ones I was given have been used for several babies, and they always come out perfectly clean after a wash. One thing I would say, which is in the product description, is that they take a long time to dry if you don't have a tumble dryer, so you just have to make sure you either have a lot of them or plan your washing schedule well (I have 18 and wash every other day). As a convert to cloth, I do highly recommend these nappies!

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