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Ultra Hemp Booster by Baby Beehinds

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Baby Beehinds Ultra Hemp Booster Overview

The Baby Beehinds Ultra Hemp Booster is an ultra thirsty reusable nappy booster. The Baby Beehinds Ultra Hemp Booster is designed to take your reusable nappies to the next level of absorbency.

It is a universal rectangular shaped booster that can be folded in a variety of ways. It's a real game changer for heavy wetters.



38 x40cm

This is the mother of all hemp inserts! It is very generously sized compared to other cloth nappy boosters. It is almost a prefold nappy size.

How do I use it?

  • You can use it like prefold cloth nappies. Fold it into 3 and place inside a suitable prefold cover or pocket nappy cover.
  • Use it as an ultra booster to give your night nappies extra absorbency.

Depending on the night nappy you already use this could make your night fitted nappy very bulky and baby's bum will certainly look big but it'll also be oh so super absorbent! With fitted nappies place this insert between the nappy and outer wrap so that you do not compromise fit of your nappy, the Ultra hemp insert will draw wee through the nappy and away from baby's delicate skin.

If you're in any doubt if it will fit your night time nappy combination please get in touch and The Nappy Lady™ will advise you.


The Baby Beehinds Ultra Hemp Booster is made of 100% natural fibres of hemp and organic cotton for superior absorbency.

55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton


Hemp fabric is full of natural oils. Your Baby Beehinds Ultra Hemp Booster will need 6 washes to reach it's maximum absorbency.

Hemp Fleece can also be prone to piling of the fabric during the initial prewashes. This is not a fault of the fabric, and any piling should stop after the initial prewashes.



Baby BeeHinds
Drying Speed
Poor- if pad folded
38 x 40cm
Baby BeeHinds
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