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Bear Bott Fitted Nappy
Bear Bott Fitted Nappy
Bear Bott Fitted Nappy

Bear Bott Fitted Nappy

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Bear Bott Fitted One Size Nappy Overview

The Bear Bott fitted nappy is a thirsty and reliable two part nappy designed for day and night time use. Inside is lined with Athletic Wicking Jersey sewn to create a pocket for adding absorbency when required for naps, car journeys and at night time.

The front of the nappies are elasticated to make a snug trim fit and aide containment.

The Bear Bott Fitted has one row of poppers at the waist for quicker changes and fastening however sometimes a single row can lead to wing droop when the nappy is fitted in the smallest of sizes for young babies.


One Size fits 8-35lbs

One row of waist poppers make them easy to fit nappies and the Bear Bott Fitted also has four rise settings to adjust the fit on your little one.

As with any one size nappy there will be a compromise on fit and the nappy will be bulkier on a newborn.

How do we use it?

With the Bear Bott Fitted cloth nappy you do not need to add a separate nappy liner as the nappy is fully lined. However if you prefer to have a disposable paper liner to make getting rid of poo easier you can still use this.

The nappy needs a nappy cover over the top when you come to change the nappy you will reuse the cover and just change the inner Bear Bott fitted nappy.

Bear Bott fitted nappies can be tumble dried on low but preferably air dried.

The nappy is easy to wash and can be washed up to 60deg.

Nappy Fabric

The outer layer of this Bear Botts nappy is a soft Bamboo Velour, inside Bamboo Terry and inside is lined with Athletic Wicking Jersey which will keep baby feeling drier.

The binding is also soft athletic wicking jersey ideal for sensitive skin.

What else do I need?

For additional absorbency stuff the pocket with the Bear Bott Tencel Anchor insert. Alternatively you can use any inserts you already have.

Separate wrap over the top such as the Mother-ease Airflow.

Bear Bott Nappies Full Range

Bear Bott nappies are available in a wide varieties of styles. If you're not sure if this is the right Bear Botts for you check out their all in one, all in two and pocket nappies. Using cloth nappies uses 98% less raw materials compared to the use of disposable nappies.


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