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Mother-ease One Size (MEOS)
Mother-ease One Size (MEOS)
Mother-ease One Size (MEOS)
Mother-ease One Size (MEOS)

Mother-ease One Size (MEOS)

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Motherease Onesize Nappy Overview

Mother-ease Onesize nappies MEOS have become a firm favourite and are reliable stand-by in many a nappy system. Mother-ease Onesize is a birth to potty nappy and keeps its looks well and that makes it an excellent choice for use with more than one child or where you intend to sell them on – the nappies that is, not the children!



  • Relatively fast drying for a shaped nappy
  • Fantastic poo containment, especially of explosive breastfed poo
  • Very durable elastic and fastenings do not wear out - usually good for two children at least
  • Short pile terry is good for hard water areas and for drying over radiators as it does not go as 'crunchy' as more traditional looped terry
  • Flexible usage - can be used without the pop-in pad for less bulk or with the stay dry pop in pad instead of the matching normal cotton one.


  • Not the most immediately intuitive nappy whilst on the newborn setting, therefore not recommended for children going to nursery around 3 months
  • Between 9 and 12 months might be a tight fit when children are at their maximum baby chubbiness, before they become more mobile and slim down dramatically. (It is possible to buy extenders to manage during this period)..
  • A very tall child might find these nappies sit quite low on the hips towards toilet training and ‘builder’s bum’ may develop. If this happens you may need a few nappies that have a more generous fit.



To use with

Snap in Pads (Daytime Booster)Please note that the MEOS has a pop-in pad that is sold separately. The pad can be used all the time when the baby is older and the nappy is no longer shortened. This pad is not a night booster but is really an integral part of the nappy.

The MEOS is a two part nappy so you will need to use a nappy wrap over the top. The Mother-ease Airflow or Mother-ease Rikki are your best choices.

Nappy Fabric

Dense 85% cotton terry, 15% polyester

Mother-ease's natural fabrics contain a small percentage of polyester in the core of the fabric and this polyester never touches your babies delicate skin. Mother ease's fabrics are custom knit specifically for them and include a poly core for shrinkage control + durability - as a natural fabric that has to endure this many washes would wear out too quickly using only 100% cotton.


Drying Speed
Average - Quick
Average with booster
Slim but very wide
Change Speed
Ease of Use
Requires a Wrap?
Day or Night
Day only
Made In
Care & Warranty

Mother-ease Care Guide

Initial Wash

  • Add no more than 10-12 nappies to your washer & dryer in each initial wash. Remember to check your lint screen before each wash & dry.
  • Set your washing machine to a full wash cycle with a large size load for 10-12 nappies (smaller if less nappies). Use only HOT water.
  • Add your detergent - see detergent disclaimer.
  • Line dry or machine dry the diapers on a medium heat setting.

Regular washing

  • Be sure to wash your cloth nappies at least every other day. If the soiled nappies are stored longer, run them through the initial rinse cycle and toss back into your nappy pail. (Tip - you can add 1/2 oz of laundry detergent to the rinse cycle to start cleaning sooner.)
  • Use your washing machines normal wash cycle and set the water temperature to hot. Use a large load size (for 12-18 soiled nappies + covers) and add the detergent manufacturers recommended amount of detergent. Then let the machine take care of the rest!  (Tip - running the diapers through an extra rinse creates unnecessary wear and over the 2 1/2 years of use, you will reduce the longevity of your diapers). (Tip 2 - Select your washing machines Sanitary Cycle for even hotter water if you can.)
  • Once your nappies have finished the wash cycle, it's time to dry them. You can either line or machine dry them;

Line Drying - hang to dry in your basement or outside on the line. (Tip - Sun naturally removes stains. Even works on a cold, winters day as long as the sun is out

Machine Drying - Toss in your dryer on medium heat (low for covers). (Tip - Tossing line dried diapers into your dryer for a short cycle will fluff them up but tumbling action adds additional wear)

*Coloured diapers may bleed and should be washed accordingly

Mother-ease Warranty

Mother-ease offers a lifetime warranty on our Snaps and Elastics.
This warranty is for the reasonable lifetime of the diaper. This does not cover slight relaxing of elastics.

Mother-ease offers a 1-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship on our:
Sandys,  Fitted Diapers, One Size Fitted Diapers, Wizard Duo Inserts, Reusable Nursing Pads, Baby Wipes, Absorbent Liners and Wizard Boosters.

This covers product stitching, seams and fabric holes discovered immediately upon receipt of item. This does not include normal wear and tear, slight variances in snap placement, odour issues, pilling, leaks, staining, repelling and holes or tears in the fabric or loose stitching due to wash routine or regular use.

Mother-ease offers a 6-month warranty against defects in materials and workmanship on our:
Diaper covers, Wizard Uno's, Big Kid Training Pants and Bedwetter Pants.

This covers product stitching, seams, holes discovered upon arrival, and irregular deformity. This does not cover staining, fading, slight variances in snap placement, leaks, pilling, holes or tears in fabric or loose stitching that develop due to wash routine or regular use (items caught, torn or melted in the washer/dryer).

This warranty is available only to the original purchaser from the date of purchase. 

All warranty is null and void when products containing harsh solvents such as hydrogen peroxide (oxygen bleach), sodium percarbonate or optical brighteners are used.

When washing your covers Mother-ease recommend you wash them in a mesh bag to keep them away from Velcro on your nappies and from getting caught in washing machine doors.  Always secure the Velcro on your wraps so they don't stick to the binding in the wash.
Please contact us if you think you have a faulty product and need to claim under the Mother-ease warranty. We will liaise with Mother-ease for you. Mother-ease will require any product to be returned or destroyed before a replacement.

The manufacturer may ask for proof of which detergent you have been using during the period you've had the item so we strongly recommend you keep your receipts you can prove you've been washing following the supplier's guidelines.  A photo of the detergent box and a photo of the detergent ingredients will be needed plus receipts of detergent purchases in the time you have owned the faulty nappies (usually 1 or 2 receipts showing purchases across the previous 6 months).  If you have bought Mother-ease's detergent through us during the time you've used the nappies please let us know and we'll have all your receipts already on record for you.

Mother-ease decision on any warranty claim is final.

Customer Reviews
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13 Reviews:

My favourite nappy overall
30 November 2020  | 

And I’ve tried countless types! These are the slimmest, reliable, 2 part nappy we have. They might be bulky on a small baby but the upside is you only buy one size. On a toddler, with Rikki wraps, they looks really slim (with insert).

I’m surprised TNL rates these low on absorbency. With the snap in insert, they have dealt with our heavy wetter successfully where most other nappies have failed. They beat an Uno hands-down when you get to toddler mega- wees!
With an additional hemp booster, they easily go overnight.

We have the cotton/stay-dry nappies but you can still buy stay dry inserts which would do the job just as well. No need for fleece liners.
They wash and dry a dream and handle the tumble dryer.

We use these with Rikki wraps for nursery as they are easy to fit and never leak. The staff love them.

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Mixed review
11 December 2018  | 

Great absorbency but bulky fit on my toddler that I struggle to get a cover over

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My favourite nappy by far
02 November 2018  | 

This is definitely my favourite nappy, combined with a Motherease Airflow. I have 19 of the cotton stay-dry version (which has been discontinued), but I also have several of the coloured cotton ones - and I would wholeheartedly recommend either type. The stay-dry version is thicker than the normal cotton ones, so using them with the snap-in pads makes for a bulky nappy, which is probably why they were discontinued.

BUT - I should say that I rarely, if ever, actually use the snap-in pads with my 15 month old.

Yes, that's right.

Despite the Nappy Lady advisory info saying these are low on absorbency, I can't actually believe that. I find them to be amazingly absorbent! Whereas my little one has leaked wee out of Unos, she has never once leaked wee out of a One-Size. To be fair, leaking out of her Unos has almost always been down to fitting issues (rather than out-weeing the absorbency), but this is to say that the One-Size+Airflow combo is pretty much foolproof when it comes to fitting on a larger baby. Unless you have a bit of the nappy sticking out of the wrap, in my experience it's not going to leak even if the fit is a bit dodgy.

My nursery workers love them, because they NEVER leak. And I put this down to the great absorbency and two lines of defense. There's another child in AIO reusables in the nursery room, and the nursery workers are regularly shocked at how easy and bombproof my nappies are in comparison. It doesn't matter who's changing the nappy, because these are pretty hard to mess up. They even put one on inside out once and it was fine.

We've been using these exclusively since baby was 10 months old, so we jumped straight to the largest setting. They probably aren't the most immediately intuitive nappy on smaller settings (and would be a bit bulky), but it certainly isn't rocket science.

I was worried about the 'short' warning in terms of sizing, as my husband is 6'6" and my older child was always pretty tall as a baby and toddler. But I tried one of my One-Size nappies on my (toilet-trained) 3 year old, and they still fit. So I reckon these will last us until the littlest one is out of nappies easy.

A word of warning to anyone thinking the 'One Life' nappies are the same as these - they aren't! I got a One Life nappy before a Motherease One-Size nappy and really didn't like it. They look the same, but the absorbency isn't as good and the elastics definitely aren't as hardy. Go for the real thing, you won't regret it.

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Great containment but very bulky
18 February 2018  | 

As other reviewers have mentioned, these nappies are excellent at containing even the biggest breastfed poop explosions - never had a leak so far. However, I am currently using them for my son on the smaller setting and find them too bulky around the waist - with a rikki wrap he can barely bend at the waist and they look huge. I recently tried out a few bumgenius elementals AIO which are much slimmer and seem a lot more comfortable, whilst still being very reliable. Although they will probably not prove to be as durable, I do wish I had invested in a stash of those from the outset rather than these.

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not easy to use
02 September 2017  | 

tricky to fit with wraps and not adjustable around legs

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Love them
03 May 2017  | 

So easy to use and with an airflow wrap leaks are virtually unheard of, even with some of my baby's more remarkable breastfed explosive poos they just don't leak. They have a cuff which is really effective and doesn't get as wet as the nappy so even if you don't get all of the nappy tucked in perfectly they don't wick onto clothes as much as muslins or terrys. Quite wide between the legs but I think that's partly why they are so good at containment. I used muslins when my baby was very small, I can't really imagine fitting her into these because they are very bulky but with the easy popper fastenings I'm sure it's easily possible just down to personal choice. They do dry well on radiators and although they stain sometimes soaking them in fabric bleach does get rid. They seem very comfortable but they are quite bulky. I don't tend to put my little girl in trousers or leggins because the nappy looks so massive but this doesn't really bother me as it looks fine in baby grow, rompers or dresses.

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Really good staple
26 January 2017  | 

These are not pretty or high tech but they work. They are quite a thin nappy and I was dubious but with an airflow wrap, these work really well. Never had any leaks and easy to use.

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Love them
05 February 2015  | 

Really pleased with these nappies. They are very absorbent, particularly with the Motherease snap in pads. We went for the natural nappies and the stay dry pads which seem to be a good combination.

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Not pretty but are my favourite for daytime
22 December 2014  | 

I have tried numerous cloth nappies and if I was to recommend any nappy for daytime this would be it. I think birth to potty is the way forward to save money however they were too bulky in the crotch for my newborn but fitted her fine from about 6 weeks. Since about 10 weeks old I don't think they are that bulky compared to some other nappies. I feel the shape is ingenious, the way they go a bit down the legs ensuring amazing containment and seem very comfy. Used with motherease airflow they work great. I love the fact they have poppers not velcro (more durable). They wash well, they don't stick tgoether in the wash like some velcro brands, they dry perfectly quickly. As they lie flat they are really useful to use as a wipe or under bum for nappy off time too! I'm sure they will last for several children and there is a market for them second hand afterwards. Not especially absorbant but personally I change my babies nappies every few hrs so this isn't required. Could be used overnight with a booster but I use it only for day.

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Not pretty but practical.
21 July 2014  | 

When I first received these I didn't really think much of them because everyone else seemed to have pretty nappies of all colours and prints but I soon realised that looks meant nothing as these nappies are great!

When I first put these on my 9lb, 9 week old they seemed really wide between the legs but it didn't seem to bother her at all so we carried on and by 14lbs they fit well. My daughter is now 16 months and the nappies are still going strong, we use the cotton with snap in booster during the day and invested in some stay dry for nighttime with an added bamboo booster.

The only complaint I have is that because of the width I find it hard to find a wrap that covered (again I wanted something funky) so we stick to Mother ease Airflows during the day and wool or fleece at night.

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motherease onesize
12 May 2014  | 

Though these nappies are nothing much to look at, in my opinion they are still the best nappies out there! They fit all shapes and sizes and we have never ever had a poo leak. They wash and dry easily - are easy to boost with any booster and are extremely hard wearing. Some of ours have done 5 kids. 20 of these would easily see you through your babies nappy days.

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great nappies and great service!
07 May 2014  | 

Fab product and second to none service from the nappy lady as always! Extremely prompt delivery and despite sending me inserts rather than nappies initially, I called up before 9am, was greeted cheerfully and received the correct order the very next morning as well as being able to keep the inserts. Very pleased with the motherease one size nappies, east to use, absorbent and great value for money, although they are rather wide between my petite girls legs.

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Bullet proof nappy
08 February 2014  | 

These nappies are brilliant. In never had any leaks even with my heavy wetting children and newborn baby poo. They wash brilliantly every time. Iv found the stay dry to be brilliant as they don't stain and keep babies bum dry. The natural I used on my toddler as they have a bit more stretch and let him feel when he is wet which lead to quicker potty training. The snap in liner are great too as you can leave them attached to the nappy when washing. I use the airflow covers.

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