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High Waist Period Pants

High waisted period pants offer excellent comfort, coverage and absorbency. Available in a variety of absorbency from light to super heavy flow.

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High Waisted Reusable Period Pants

High waisted period underwear tends to be popular for those with heavy cycles as the extra coverage normally gives a higher absorbency. They all offer a moisture wicking top layer to absorb blood and keep you feeling dry and comfortable. The snug fit is perfect if you are looking for some extra security. At the same time they look and feel like regular underwear.

Reusable period underwear provides a sustainable alternative to single-use disposable products.

How to wash period pants

Rinse with cold water and then store until ready to wash. Wash on a long 40deg cotton wash cycle with your regular detergent but no fabric softener. Air dry after washing.

Use on their own or as back up

You can wear period pants as your only menstrual protection or as a back up for menstrual cups, menstrual disc, tampon or pads. The period knickers have a built in waterproof layer to make them leak proof.