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Hippynut nappies are a small family owned business. Offering families environmentally friendly choices for nappying their baby. Hippynut specialises in nappies that are one size, fitting from young babies up to toddlers.

Hippynut Reusable Nappies

Hippynut is a small family business based in the UK. Hippynut is a new brand we are delighted has joined us at The Nappy Lady.

Hippynut Family

The Hippynut family consists of a pocket nappy and all in one nappy options.

In the spirit of the original hippies, Hippynut believes that even small positive actions are capable of changing the world for the better. One nappy change with a cloth nappy means one less disposable nappy ends up in landfill; one bowl covered with a reusable wrap instead of clingfilm means a little less plastic polluting the planet. Sure, these things as individual examples may be mere drops in the ocean, but if we all try to do our bit, we can create a wave.

Create Less Waste

Use Hippynut nappies helping you create less waste, lower your carbon footprint, be eco friendly and have cruelty free products. Washing reusable nappies is very simple, no soaking or boiling. Just thrown them into your washing machine like other clothing.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback and constructive feedback is very important to Hippynut, they love to hear from their customers how they are getting on with their Hippynut nappy journey. Please share your review on our site so other parents can share your experience.

Pocket Nappies

The Hippynut Pistachio eco friendly pocket nappy comes with one insert but any insert or boosters can be added given you excellent flexibility to make the absorbency exactly what you need. With double gusset to increase containment.

All In One WholeNut Nappies

The All In One Hippynut Wholenut is an ultra simple to use nappy. Ideal for daytime use, highly recommended for childcare or the change bag.

Hippynut range

The Pistachio and Wholenut collection are both suitable for daytime but not night time.  Even with an additional booster the nappies will not offer enough absorbency for a heavy wetter. Instead look for a two part system for nighttime. While it is one of our small brands you'll find them just as good as other nappy brands and other nappies.