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La Petite Ourse Single Wet Bag

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Bag Overview

The La Petite Ourse Single Wet bag is a waterproof bag designed for storing soiled nappies while out and about. A wetbag is a must have for every family even if they are using disposable nappies or cloth nappies.

The wet bag is the perfect size for a day trip out, to send to little ones nursery or childcare for soiled clothing or nappies. The wet bag is also ideal for wet swimsuits and swimming costumes.

The hanging tab on the wet bag fastens with a popper which allows it to secure onto any type of pram or buggy handle.


30cm wide x 40cm high

Holds approximately 5 reusable nappies.

How do I use it?

Place soiled washable nappies into the wet bag and zip up to keep smells and odours inside.  For washing empty the soiled cloth nappies from the wet bag and then you can add the wet bag into the wash.

Please remember while this is a water resistant bag, the zip area is not waterproof. If you place very wet items into the wet bag and they are able to touch the zip area the bag will wick moisture in this area. This is the same with any zippered wet bag.

Wet Bag Fabric

Waterproof Polyester - PUL . Polyurethene Laminate









La Petite Ourse
100% Polyester (TPU laminate)
Made In
La Petite Ourse
Care & Warranty

La Petite Ourse Care Guide

  • Wash the nappies every 2-3 days. Do not soak or rinse the nappies during this process as they should remain as dry as possible.
  • Rinse with cold water prior to the main wash.
  • Use a regular wash cycle (40 degrees). Do not put too much water in the washing machine.
  • If you have hard water, do not rinse a second time, use a powder detergent instead.
  • Do not use fabric softener or baby detergent.
  • Inserts can be tumble dried occasionally. If you tumble dry the covers be careful not to manipulate them when they are hot.
  • If line drying, keep the nappies away from direct sunlight where possible.

La Petite Ourse Warranty

La Petite Ourse warranty is available for a period of 2 years to the original purchaser from date of purchase. The warranty covers:

  • Popper defects
  • Seams of the nappy (excluding the front and back pocket seams)
  • Delamination of the fabric affecting the efficiency of the nappy

La Petite Ourse Warranty does not cover:

  • Leaks, odours, poor maintenance and normal wear and tear
  • If maintenance has not been done according to the maintenance guide or if the use of soap, cream or ointment has impaired the nappy's efficiency.
  • The elastics have a 6-month limited warranty
La Petite Ourse's decision on any warranty claim is final.
Customer Reviews (6)
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6 Reviews:

Not another wet bag!
26 November 2023  | 

Did I need another wet bag? No! Did I take advantage of Black Friday? Yes!

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Not very waterproof
08 February 2023  | 

Bought this to pop swimming gear in. I noted that the zip area was not waterproof but noticed that water was dripping out of the lower corners of the bag when the costume was not wrung out fully.2 stars because it would work well for nappies but any swimming gear needs to be damp rather than wet before putting in to avoid leakage. Wouldn’t recommend for swim wear.

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Great size
29 August 2022  | 

This is a great size for sending to nursery, hold about 4 nappies.

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Stylish wetbag
03 August 2022  | 

Love the design, works well as a wetbag, good size to fit 2 nappies or 3 prefit inners and easy to chuck in the wash and the bag drys very quickly. Perfect for days out!

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06 June 2022  | 

the bag is a lovely material and look, it's the right size for daily use and I def would buy again!

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Great bag for on the go
28 May 2022  | 

Great designs, good size for one the go. Feels like it will last too

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