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Light Flow Period Pants

These Pants are great if you need very minimal protection or just want some back up for your light flow days.

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What are Period Underwear?

Also known as period pants, period panties, period proof underwear or reusable period pants. They look like regular underwear but are designed to absorb period flow. It always surprises people how they absorbed fluid efficiently. They can be worn for up to 8 hours a day and is a great alternative to disposable period products like tampons and pads. Can be used for days, nights and long shifts, i've used them on a long haul flights. They come in different absorbencies and cover a large size range. The light pants can be found here on this page. They are also available in Medium flow, Heavy Flow and  Super Heavy Flow.

Light Flow

Light flow are are great for minimal protection and absorb around 1 tampons worth of period blood. As they are for lighter days or light leaks they give you full coverage and an absorbent layer but will not leave you feeling bulky. Ideal for the end of your period or as a back up combined with a menstral cup, disc or tampon.

Period Pant Brands

There are many brands of period underwear now available offering innovative products. The most well known are Wuka period pants (Wake Up and Kick Ass), Cheeky, Love Luna and for lingerie quality Saalt Wear.  Wuka period pants are also registered with the Vegan society and are vegan approved.

All the brands have the same basic features but all are uniquely period proof in their own ways. They all offer their own moisture wicking top layer which is also a breathable moisture barrier.


Period pants come in a variety of materials from fine cotton, polyester and super soft bamboo.

How to wash period pants?

Its simple! Rinse your period underwear in cold water once you have removed them, then pop them in the wash at the end of your period with detergent but no fabric softener. Ideally air dry or line dry outside where possible and only tumble dry occassionally. We have a more detailed wash guideline that you can read .