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Lumma Menstrual Cups Short

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Lumma Menstrual Cup Short Overview

Lumma Menstrual Cups come in ten different sizes so you can find the perfect cup for you regardless of your cervix height. 

This product page is for Short Cervix Lumma cups, please see the separate product pages if you require medium or high cervix height Lumma Cups.

If you don't know how high your cervix is follow our guide to learn "how to measure your cervix height".

The Lumma cups cover light, medium, heavy and very heavy flows. Every Lumma cup features a patented petal shape to help you position your fingers properly for removal.

The Lumma cup is made from medical grade silicone and regardless of which size you have the Lumma cup is soft, flexible and durable. It is designed to last 3 years before Lumma recommend you replace it,  making this an economical menstrual solution.

So Which Size Do You Need?

The Lumma short Cervix range comes in 2 capacity options to cover every criteria. Use the chart below to decide which one you need.

Size       Description
S Short cervix, not given birth, average flow. 10ml Capacity
SB Short Cervix, given birth, average flow. 13ml capacity



  • 1x Lumma Cup in your chosen size
  • 1x Storage Pouch
  • 1x Instructions




Medical Grade Silicone
Capacity to Rim
S 10ml, SB 13ml
Stem Length
S 16mm, SB 14mm
Overall Length exc Stem
S 35mm, SB 38mm
S 38mm, SB 40mm
Overall Firmness
Made In
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