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Me Luna

Me Luna are well known for their menstrual cups which come in so many varieties there will be the perfect one for you no matter your requirements. Me Luna also make lots of accessories and pads all at fantastically competitive prices.

Me Luna Menstrual Products

Me Luna products are budget friendly without compromising on quality. With their vast range of menstrual cups you'll find the perfect one for you no matter what your requirements. Menstrual Cups are environmentally friendly and are classed as medical products so they are made in Germany and are made of the highest grade of materials. Me Luna cups are silicone free and instead Luna menstrual cups are made of TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer, a type of plastic.

Me Luna Menstrual Cups Styles

There is a Me Luna menstrual cup for everybody, they have the widest range of options of any menstrual cup brand. There are varable firmness in the Me Luna range. Sport cups which are firmer than other cups so they withstand compression and movement of your pelvic floor during sports. Soft cups for those with a weaker pelvic floor. Shorty Me Luna cups for those with a low cervix or young women who need a smaller capacity. They are much shorter than others in the range. A larger Me Luna cup is available for those with heavier flow and need larger capacity.

Me Luna Cup Colours

All Me Luna cups come in different colours which is really handy if you like you to use a different size or shape cup at different stages during your period. Most women tend to only have one cup but it is perfectly fine if you prefer to have a few options.

Me Luna Cup Lengths

Me Luna cups also come in varying lengths and capcities so you there is a suitable cup no matter how high or low your cervix is in your vagina. There are small, medium and large cups.

Ring Stem

At The Period Lady we stock Me Luna cups in the ring stem. This can be cut off if not required.