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Nixit Menstrual Disc
Nixit Menstrual Disc
Nixit Menstrual Disc
Nixit Menstrual Disc
Nixit Menstrual Disc

Nixit Menstrual Disc

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Menstrual Disc Overview

The Nixit menstrual disc like a menstrual cup is made to sit internally and collect menstrual fluid. Menstrual discs unlike traditional menstrual cups allow you to have sex with the disc in as they do not block the menstrual canal.

The Nixit reusable menstrual disc is a flat fit style of menstrual cup that has distinct advantages over traditional bullet shaped cups. It's suction free, great for those with an IUD who aren't comfortable with using a cup. The flat fit works with penetrative intercourse.

The Nixit feastures a unique double rim that helps protect against leaks but also the rim is slightly softer than it's competitors. 

The Nixit menstrual disc stays in naturally and does not suction in place like a menstrual cup. The unique circular shape of the disc easily conforms to your body, all these features make the Nixit a great choice for those who have had any difficulty or discomfort with other interanally worn menstrual products

As it only collects menstrual fluid it will not dry you out or disrupt your vaginal environment.

Buy Nixit UK From a UK stockist and store. No more international shipping or customs charges.


Nixit is only available in one size so no confusing sizes for you to choose from and no awkward folds to learn.


The Nixit menstrual disc has a larger capacity compared to cups.

It holds upto 70ml which is the equivalent of 4 tampons, making it ideal for those with heavy periods.

Menstrual Disc Material

100% BPA Free medical grade silicone.

The Nix menstrual cup is made in Canada and is free of harmful chemicals and toxins

How Do I Know My Nixit Disk Is In Correctly?

You should not be able to feel your nixit menstrual cup once it is inserted. If you can feel it, try to ensure it is pushed all the way back before pushing it behind your pubic bone.

Mess Free Period Sex

So how does the Nixit UK menstrual disc make “period sex” possible?

Unlike tampons, pads and menstrual cups, the nixit menstrual cup uk doesn't stay in the middle of the vagina canal instead they fit above the vaginal canal, right below the cervix. This higher position is a game changer and keeps the canal free for penetrative sex. As you can imagine, that makes all the difference. Your partner won’t even notice the disc is there. No more worrying about “that time of the month” getting in the way of romance. Wave goodbye to the old days, and say hello to a better sex life and a leak free period.


How To Insert Your Nixit Disc-

1. Pinch the two edges together to make a long shape

2. Insert the Nixit menstrual disc into your vagina past your cervix

3. Use your finger to tilt the menstrual cup so it sits length ways in your vagina.

To Remove-

1. Hook your finger under the rim of the Nixit menstrual disl and slowly pull the cup down.

2. Discard menstrual fluid into the toilet

3. Rinse and Reinsert disc.

Due to its soft body the Nixit can be a bit messier to remove and empty so it is worth baring that in mind.



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