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Crotchless Baby Trousers For EC

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Crotchless Baby Trousers for Elimination Communication Overview

Crotchless baby trousers have been specially developed for babies who are trained nappy free through Elimination Communication or Infant Pottying.

The crawlers are comfortable trousers for every day, made of certified cotton interlock. The generous cut guarantees freedom of movement and the cuddly interlock feels comfortable on the skin.

A comfortable waistband and wide cuffs on the legs ensure an optimum fit and high wearing comfort.

How they work

The trousers allow quick and easy access for pottying. 

Crotchless trousers - For the quickest access with an open gap between the legs.



Interlock, 100% organic cotton*, GOTS
Elastic cuff, 96% cotton, 4% elasthane, GOTS

*organic cotton = cotton from controlled biological cultivation


Washable at 40°C


Size Guide - These are sold in European Childrens sizes which are based on height and convert to approximately the UK sizes as below

EU Size UK Size
50/56 0-3 Months
62/68 3-6 Months
74/80 9-12 Months
86/92 18-24 Months


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