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Petit Lulu Minimal Nappy for EC
Petit Lulu Minimal Nappy for EC

Petit Lulu Minimal Nappy for EC

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Product Details

Nappy Overview

Petit Lulu Minimal Nappy is designed especially for Elimination Communication (EC). The nappy works great as a safety-catcher not only for EC but also for babies that are just about to say goodbye to nappies.

The Petit Lulu minimal inserts (purchased separtely) popper into the Minimal nappy cover. The popper holds the insert securely inside making potty using time easier. The Minimal inserts offer basic absorbency but that is all that is needed for EC due to the training to release urine on cue.

You could in theory use any small prefolds inside the minimal cover but these wouldn't be securely poppered inside. Minimal inserts are available individually or in packs of 6.

How many do I need?

Depending on how far along your EC journey you are will directly affect how many packs you need. One set kit (1 Minimal wrap and 6 Minimal inserts) is enough for 6 misses with an immediate change every time. That might be a week's worth of nappies for you or it might not get you until lunch time.

We recommend the following for families starting with EC:
1 Set as a trial to see if EC is for you or for a well established EC child who rarely has an accident.

3 Sets as a minimum if you are following EC most of the time.

5 Sets if you are following EC fulltime and have made a definite choice to follow EC.


Approx 5-13kgs (12-28lbs)

The nappy can be adjusted by poppers to adjust the length and by knotting the elastic band around the tummy to make the waist snugger.

How do I use it?

When you want to put baby on the potty you just pull down the front flap and position them over the potty. Quick and easy access which is needed for EC. 

Petit Lulu Minimal nappy is NOT recommended for nap or night times as the inserts do not hold enough for extended periods of wear where baby would be regularly urinating.

Nappy Fabric

100% polyester (laminated with polyurethane),
fleece hem,
Poppers underlaid by fleece.

ATTENTION : the Minimal Insert for this Minimal Nappy is NOT INCLUDED as  part of this product and is purchased separately.


Drying Speed
Poor - Use Potty
Super Slim
Change Speed
Extremely Quick
Ease of Use
Very Simple
Belt/Fasten Free
Petit Lulu
Care & Warranty

Petit Lulu Care Guide

  • Prewash nappy twice before first use. It can take 6-10 washes to reach full absorbency
  • Dry pail do not soak nappies or covers
  • Wash every 2-3 days
  • Do not overload your washing machine or nappies will not get washed sufficiently
  • Wash with standard baby washing detergent. Not eco-friendly soap as often does not sufficiently wash nappies
  • No harsh stain removers or bleach.
  • No fabric softeners. They will reduce absorbency.
  • Wash no lower than 60 degrees.
  • Waterproof covers should not be spin-dried at more than 1000RPM
  • Line dry or tumble dry inserts on cool only if necessary as it will shorten the life of the product
  • Never tumble dry the waterproof covers
  • If using a nappy cream always use a nappy liner - ideally a disposable paper liner.

Petit Lulu Warranty

Petit Lulu offer a 24 month warranty from date of purchase not date of first use. Petit Lulu don’t accept claims due to stains, improper care or when simply worn out.  If you believe you have a faulty product please email us at The Nappy Lady with details of the problem and photos, Plus full details of your washing methods.

Petit Lulu warranty covers:

  • stitching
  • seams
  • snaps (poppers)
  • hook & Loop
  • elastic

Read their washing recommendations carefully as from our experience claims are frequently rejected and at The Nappy Lady we have really had to fight on behalf of our customers but we are not always successful.

Your warranty will be VOID if:

  • You washed BELOW 60°C
  • if you use Bleach
  • If you use Softener
  • If you use Eco-detergent as they aren't strong enough
  • If you overload your machine
  • If you use too much detergent
  • If covers or waterproof layers are spun greater than 1000rpm
  • If frequently tumbled dried or tumbled dried on high
  • If covers/waterproof layers are dried on a direct heat source such as a radiator
  • If you soaked your nappies
  • If left for more than 2-3 days before washing

Petit Lulu's decision on any warranty claim is final.


Customer Reviews
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2 Reviews:

Great for EC
19 February 2024  | 

This wrap arrived quickly and we tried it with a folded muslin and a fleece liner. Once fitted, it was very slim and quick to change/pull down to allow my baby to use the potty. It contained the few small misses well, but it wouldn't be able to contain much more as it isn't designed for that. So far we have only tried it at home but hopefully we'll be able to use it out and about as well. Baby is 9 weeks old and seems to find it comfortable. I was very impressed

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Great nappies
02 March 2020  | 

Really pleased with these. I wanted to buy 1 to try out and ordered 2 by mistake but kept the second as I liked it so much. Very easy for EC. Found just using my own inserts easier than the poppered ones from petit lulu.

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