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Easy Free EC Nappy (Complete Set)

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Nappy Overview

EasyFree System is part of the Popolini W-Free range for babies that are following EC (Elimination Communication)/infant pottying.  It's ideal for quick changes to catch those accidents while learning.

We sell spare Easy Free pouches and absorbent inserts separately so you can buy as many or as few as you need.


This complete set contains all the parts for one single nappy:
1 Cover
1 Pouch
1 Insert


The EasyFree is an size-adjustable nappy
Available in

S (~2,5-5 kg)

M (~5-10 kg)

L (~9-15kg)

How To Use It?

A cotton or wool cover with a velcro strap which closes at the back behind baby.  The cover GIVES soft leg cuffs for comfort and provides the stability of the nappy. The optional belly strap fastens inside for easy nappy free use so the nappy doesn't come off entirely at potty times

This is the inner nappy either made of PUL or Wool and is the most important part of the nappy. The pouch is there to keep the pad secure inside the nappy so the urine is kept inside the nappy and no wicking onto the cover.

The absorbent inner is buttoned into the pouch. If your child needs more absorbency additional boosters can be placed into the pouch.

Nappy Free Belly Strap

Cotton Cover washable at 40°C / Wool cover please see our wool care articles as wool is cared for differently.
Pouch washable at 60°C
Liners washable at 95°C


Easy Free Covers are available in either Organic cotton or wool.

Pouch: 100% polyester with polyurethane coating

Liner: Absorbent core, 50% polyester, 50% viscose, outer layer, 100% organic cotton terry



Made In
Care & Warranty

Popolini Care Guide

  • Wash nappies 3-4 times before first use. Close any Velcro before washing to avoid other laundry getting tangled in the hooks.
  • Store used nappies in a pail for no longer than 2 days (danger of mould!)
  • Nappies can be washed at 95 °C. To save energy we recommend washing them with your normal hot wash at 60 °C. Spin the nappies at 1000 r.p.m. Never use fabric conditioner!
  • Use the tumble dryer at moderate temperatures. Bear in mind that heavy use of the dryer might cause untimely wear of the material.
  • Covers need not be washed after every change; in most cases a cold rinse is sufficient. Wash them once a week in the machine at 60 °C. Never use bleaching detergents. Important: tumble-drying, wringing or drying on the radiator might damage the coating.

After long-term use covers lose their water resistance in the seam areas. The seams can be reconditioned by applying some wool wax or pure lanolin directly on the seam and warm up the area gently with a hair dryer.
Popolini nappies have been designed carefully to last an average of 200 washing cycles if their care guide is followed.

Popolini Warranty



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