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Little Lamb Laundry Mesh Bag

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A nappy mesh is similar to laundry bags for washing machines that you use to put your small and delicate items in, to ensure they don’t get caught up and snagged in the wash.

The Little Lambs laundry mesh has a wide neck opening and fits our large 16L bucket but also fits into the small 9L buckets available on the High Street. However, it will not generally fit larger buckets.

The Little Lambs laundry mesh has a drawstring top.  While the bag can be closed for washing nappies it is best to keep the drawstring open so the nappies can move around in the wash.

Using a nappy mesh makes wash day far quicker and easier; I wouldn’t be without one.



How do I use it?

Simply pop the mesh laundry bags into the nappy bucket and fit the mesh neck over the bucket edge. On wash day you lift the whole thing out with the nappies inside and put into the machine. Put the whole mesh in the washing machine with the neck well open, and the nappies will tip out as they wash. You can also push them out of the bag as you put the lot in the machine (recommended if the mesh is quite full). Do make sure that all Velcro tabs on the nappies are folded down so they don’t catch the bag, though.

The Little Lambs Laundry mesh is ideal for dry pailing or soaking your nappies. If you are soaking, you can lift the mesh out with the nappies inside without handling the individual nappies. You can then easily tip the dirty water into the toilet.


Product Fabric

100% Polyester


45cm x50cm
Made In
Little Lamb
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