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Mother-ease Bucket - 25 litre easy lock with odour control

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Motherease Nappy Bucket Overview

A large sturdy, lockable rectangular bucket for all your nappy soaking. Two side handle/clips keep the lid firmly in place and a carbon filter on the lid helps to neutralise any odour (replace the filter every 6-9 months for continual freshness).

It is designed to be space efficient and compact. The smart looking lid offers ventilation for the nappy bucket. The ventilation opening is shaped as a teddy bear and will be a cute fit in any nursery. The filter case snaps into the lid making it easy to replace the natural odour absorbing carbon filters.

The lid is secured by 2 durable side handles which snap down over the edge of the lid.


The Mother-ease nappy bucket has a large25 ltr capacity (holds about 18 nappies).

The container is 12.5" wide x 14.5" high.

How it works:

Its natural odour control system uses a carbon filter and basic air flow. Odours are eliminated by absorption through the carbon filter and are not artificially masked.

This odour control system helps ensure diapers do not mold or create unwanted moisture within the pail.

The filter is positioned on the lid, which snaps down and is secured by side handles.
The nappy bucket is ergonomically designed and is easy to seal, carry and empty.

The nappy bucket comes with one Mother-ease natural carbon filter and a teddy shaped ventilation cap.

Mesh Bag

Inside the bucket you can add a Mother-ease mesh laundry bag (sold separately). These make transferring the nappies from bucket to washing machine far easier. The mesh bags are purchased separately.

Please Note

The ventilation cap can sometimes be snug to come off with new.  Here is a great tip from Mother-ease. Use 2 pens as leverage twisting counter-clockwise, and this should allow you to unthread the cage.


Eco-friendly - made from recycled plastic.


Customer Reviews
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10 Reviews:

Bucket handles not fit for purpose
08 February 2023  | 

I love motherease nappies and find their nappies and wraps are excellent quality. I thought I'd invest in this fairly expensive bin. It works well for odour control. The problem is the handles which have both broken within 2 and a bit years. The first was replaced by motherease but they are not willing to replace the second although I can purchase a new one. I'm quite disappointed that the handles are not made to last even one child's birth to potty experience. The concept is great, and it was useful to have the locking feature while it worked but I wouldn't have purchased if I'd realised I'd have this issue.

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Just buy it
27 November 2022  | 

Took us 5 months of using cloth nappies full time before I got this bucket. It's made life sooo much easier especially when used with the mesh bag liner. Controls odor and fits nicely in the nursery. Do yourself a favour and just get this. Price per use will be zero by the time you're done with nappies!

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18 February 2022  | 

A great product, and ideal size for 2 under 2. Company even sent it with a filter which I had not ordered so I can get to use straight away and not worry about waiting for the filter, for this I would say fab customer service.

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Great lockable lid!
07 February 2022  | 

Great to find a good sized bucket with a lockable lid. No worries about little fingers getting into the bin.

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Great bucket
11 May 2021  | 

This is my 3rd child on nappies and I've been looking at this bucket for ages. So glad I got it. Its more expensive that others but holds nappies for 2 kids for a 48 hour wash! And it definitely doesn't smell with the carbon filter. I have it in my room and no smell at all.
Great product as everything from Motherease

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Great size
23 December 2020  | 

Glad we decided to go with this one rather than anything any smaller. It is perfect for us with our newborn and the endless cycle of washing atm.

It was a lot more expensive than other brands but we were prepared to spend more on a recycled plastic one- it has done the job well so far.

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Smell proof
11 September 2019  | 

We have been using the nappy bin for three weeks now with a little lambs mesh bag inside as the motherease ones have been out of stock - so far we have not had any smells and it is easy to wash. I’m sure the secure catches on either side will come in handy as our baby grows.

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Nice nappy bucket
26 July 2019  | 

I find this is the best nappy bucket I’ve had so far. It is big enough to contain nappies for 2 kids in cloth nappies but still looks nice in the nursery. Would definitely recommend. It’s quite expensive though and all I hope is it’s because it’s ethically made and therefore costs more to make!! I never managed to find any motherease mesh bags but I found that others would stretch enough to use them in the bin (so long as you don’t mind a tiny bit of stretching/tearing on a totsbots one for example, it’ll fit fine and will be big enough)

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Motherease Bucket
16 January 2017  | 

Great product. Practical, great size. Easy to clean, keeps odours down

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Great nappy bucket!
13 May 2016  | 

The bucket with the clipable lid is brilliant for keeping the odour in and the toddler out! It really works well containing even the smelliest of nappies as sometimes it can be a few days before I get round to a wash. It is smaller and neater than I imagined which I was quite grateful for as it is nice and discreet behind the kitchen door and a good square shape. It fits enough for one large washing machine load which is just right. I highly recommend it.

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