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Grey Reusable Staydry Liners by La Petite Ourse
Grey Reusable Staydry Liners by La Petite Ourse
Grey Reusable Staydry Liners by La Petite Ourse

Grey Reusable Staydry Liners by La Petite Ourse

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Grey Reusable Fleece Liners Overview

La Petite Ourse Grey Reusable Fleece Liners are designed to keep baby feeling dry but also help to make clean up dirty nappies quick easy and minimising any nappy staining.

Unlike other nappy brand liners these are grey colour instead of white to help minimise staining of the nappy liner. Please be aware if the colour is the only reason you are choosing these that fleece does not tend to stain anyway.

The La Petite Ourse Grey Reusable fleece nappy liners are ultra thin, so add no bulk at all to the nappy.

As with all fleece liners they not only catch poo but wick away moisture from baby’s skin creating a stay dry layer. The soft plush fleece stay dry layer keeps baby feeling drier which is especially great overnight. 

You will need 1 fleece liner for every nappy that needs one. Fleece liners are washed with your reusable nappies in the same wash cycle so don't need to be treated any differently.

What nappies can I use these with?

The La Petite Ourse Grey reusable fleece liners fit into other nappy brand nappies as they are actually universal liners and can fit in any nappy.

Some nappies are already fleece lined so you don't need to add a separate fleece liner. If your nappy isn't fleece lined then you can add the La Petite Ourse Reusable Fleece in as a separate liner as they are a universal liner.

Sizing & Pack Sizes

14.5 x 31cm

Sold in a pack of 10


100% fast wicking polyester

For more information on nappy liners...

Read more information about nappy liners in our advice article "Do I need a liner in my reusable nappy?"


La Petite Ourse
100% Polyester
14.5 x 31cm
Pack Size
Pack of 10
Made In
La Petite Ourse
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