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Violets Earth Friendly Bleach

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Violets Earth Friendly Bleach Overview

Violet's Earth Friendly Mineral Bleach is 100% oxygen bleach. It can be used to brighten laundry and has many other uses around the home.

Chlorine free, Earth Friendly Mineral Bleach is activated by water to release oxygen. Unlike chlorine based bleaches, Violet’s Earth friendly Oxygen Mineral Bleach is non-toxic, biodegradable and septic tank friendly.


  • Add a dessertspoonful to your normal washing powder to brighten and freshen
  • Sterilises garden pots and removes algae from paths and surfaces
  • Removes stains from fabrics, china etc
  • Deodorises plastic containers, bins etc


The Nappy Lady team swear by this product for many uses around the home. It can frequently be seen in use to brighten old muslins repurposed as cleaning cloths, soaking muddy sports kit or freshening up white school shirts and socks when it's too late in the summer term to justify buying new ones!


How do I use it?


Add 1 dessert spoon of Earth Friendly Bleach to your wash. For stubborn stains add 2 dessert spoons to approx 4L of hot water and soak as required. Add another spoonful in with your detergent and wash as normal. For nappies, use the hottest setting the label recommends. Please check your nappy brands' warranties to ensure this product is suitable for use.

Earth Friendly Bleach is not suitable for silk or wool and may cause colour fade in natural dyed and delicate fabrics. Patch test on a small area first.

Home Cleaning

Make a cleaning solution by dissolving 1 dessert spoon of Earth Friendly Bleach is approx 1L of hot water. Wipe after use to remove residue.



Sodium Percarbonate


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